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My Favorite Dining in Punta Gorda – Gomier’s Restaurant, Asha’s Culture Kitchen and Da Lazy Fish

This is maybe my third or fourth post about my new favorite town in Belize:  Punta Gorda.  I’ve called it magical…everything you want Belize to be in one place…and a Belize that almost feels stuck in time.

It’s all those things.  Also interesting to me is that the “restaurant scene” is no scene at all.  From what I can tell, Punta Gorda proper doesn’t have one “fancy” restaurant.   One with table cloths and candle light,  one that serves tapas or farm to table produce…

Some of the restaurants that I found didn’t appear to be open at first glance, had run out of some of their menu items and required a bit of wait time to get your food.  But all had yummy food and DELICIOUS fresh seafood.  Many show off the heavy East Indian influence in the area with mild curry.   I’ve never had more tender conch or tastier tofu in Belize.

Here are a few of my favorites in Punta Gorda.  ALL very worth the visit.

My very favorite and one I visited twice…Gomier’s Restaurant and Soy Center.  Yes.  You read that right.  Soy Center.  Don’t be scared off.

It’s #1 on TripAdvisor for Punta Gorda restaurants.



The place is really just a hodge podge of palapas, tables, random chairs and just stuff.  We had a seat and studied the menu.  I am a GIANT tofu fan but for those who are not, there are plenty of other choices.

IMG_4952Gomier came out, introduced himself and let us know what we could actually order.  What a handsome guy.

IMG_4956When he has a moment, he pulls up a chair to chat.  (Sometimes it seems like it is just him working, sometimes he’s got friends.)  Laid back is not even the right phrase.  This guy is totally chill.  He’s GOT stories!  Gomier (it’s French…I like to call his spot Chez Gomier) grew up on St. Lucia, became a rasta, spent years living in the jungle and as a vegan, learned herbal healing and medicine, makes soy ice cream in funky flavors like chocolate avocado, came to Belize with a Canadian girlfriend…

I’ll stop there.  But just know…you could listen to his tales for hours.

And his food is delicious.  For my first visit to Gomier’s, I tried the curried tofu.  Yum.  And he buys his brown rice directly from the mill…the first processing. So that some of the kernels? still have husks.  Nutty and delicious.

IMG_4955Second visit, I had a tasty vegetable lasagna and Jackie tried a DELICIOUS whole fried fish.  It was huge.

Stop in just to meet Gomier.  Even if you only have a cup of soy-mango ice cream.  It’s a very cool spot.  And next time I’m getting a lesson in tofu production.  For sure.

IMG_4951The first night in town we headed to what seems like the most popular restaurant in town, Asha’s.  You cross a small bridge to get to the building out over the sea.


Drummers were doing their thing on the back deck under the full moon…tee hee.  Here’s my picture.


And the menu is written on a large chalk board.  The items actually available are check-marked.  The checks are erased quickly as the night goes on.


Why are only a few items available when there is a bustling seafood and produce market a few hundred feet away?  Why is it almost impossible to order anything from the flustered bartendress?  Don’t ask such silly questions.  This is Belize…and even more important…this is Punta Gorda.  There really is no urgency…or rush here.  Go with the flow, man.

IMG_4867 IMG_4869

Local vinos.  And bitters shots.  Hmmm…I’ve never even heard of Baboon cap.IMG_4871

I ate here twice too.  And had the cracked conch both times.  Breaded conch…the most tender I’ve even tasted.  Delicious.  For those who think they don’t like conch because it is chewy, try this.  FLAVORFUL and as tender as shrimp.  Delicious.

And my last favorite dining spot in Punta Gorda.  Da Lazy Fish.   We were tipped off by the retiree expats that we ran into in town.  Like “Rotten Ray”…


I am waiting for the t-shirt.  How cute is this?

IMG_5331 IMG_5336

And it is attached to the seafood co-op.  You know your fish is going to be fresh.


There are all sorts of seasons painted on the side of the co-op.  Sea cucumber season?  Who knew?  DROP THAT SEA CUCUMBER burrito you are eating right now!


We walked in and this artist was busy sprucing up the joint.  Very cute.

IMG_5329 IMG_5333


I ran into an ex-Rasta bartender from San Pedro who is now a Buddhist monk in training.  Odd to say the least.


Da Lazy Fish is right over the water, the view is really beautiful.


And the menu is simple…but the shrimp “burger” is delicious.  $15bzd gets you a lobster/shrimp/fish “burger” and a banana shake.

IMG_5335I’ll stop harping on it…but seriously plan your trip to Punta Gorda.  From those who have spent on time on Ambergris Caye?  It’s like a whole new world.  In a great way.

And none of these places have Facebook pages or websites…so you are just going to have to trust me.


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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Dining in Punta Gorda – Gomier’s Restaurant, Asha’s Culture Kitchen and Da Lazy Fish

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Wow, you always find the coolest places! When we went into town for dinner (the one night we didn’t eat at Hickatee, which by the way, IS probably the only place in town to get a “fancy” dinner, and oh so delicious), all we found open was a pizza place. It was crazy good, and cheap, though the flies were atrocious. I would have loved to have tried any of the places you did. Looks like another visit to PG is in order one day!

    1. Belize Blog

      For me too. Ian’s recommended 2 of these…and then the expat crew Da Lazy Fish. Love Gomier’s in particular…and Kate’s food at Hickatee was DELICIOUS. Best breakfast for sure. We did not miss one.

  2. Glenda Olive

    I spent 12 days in Punta Gorda in August. I loved this little fishing village. I ate at Asha’s and enjoyed it but Da Lazy Fish was my favorite, the lion fish was great and the broiled lobster was wonderful! We had our best meals there! Everything was so fresh! We may retire there!
    Glenda Olive USA

    1. Belize Blog

      Awesome. 12 days…I’m jealous! It’s such a fantastic place. Special. Maybe I’ll see you there next time!

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