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A Trip Up North on Ambergris Caye: Ak’Bol Yoga Resort, Lazy Croc’s BBQ, Feliz Bar and Odd Weather

Yesterday started off grey and a bit cool but we could see the sun…up north.  So my friends, their golf cart and I headed over the bridge to hang out and find it.  Here are some pictures of what I call “North Ambergris Caye”.  If you are unfamiliar with our island, many of the buildings and population are around San Pedro town on the southern end.

And then there is a toll bridge over “the Cut” and as you head north, it’s more “suburban”.  More homes and resorts and less businesses…gtb-map-ambergris-caye-belize-karte

Our first stop was about 1.5 miles north at Ak’Bol Yoga Resort.  They have a great dock for swimming and sunning and a very cute bar/restaurant.  I got out my camera and realized that MY BATTERY WAS DEAD!  SO…here is my first IPhone 4s blog post.


The tide is LOW and the slight SLIGHT breeze was coming from the back side of the island.


The IPhone takes some pretty good pictures…IMG_2839

The sun was to the north and then to the south, the lurking grey cloud.



South towards the Palapa Bar…it’s the palapa with the big BAR sign.IMG_2841

Half and half.


And the inside of the beach front bar.

IMG_2846We lazed about on the dock, ate some hummus, saw a very cool orange octopus and then headed about 1/3 mile north to Lazy Croc’s BBQ (for the FULL scoop on this hot spot, check out the post below).

They were smoking 200lbs of ribs and some chickens.  I had to take a look…

IMG_2847 IMG_2850


I order the Ribs & Chicken platter.  2 huge fatty delicious ribs (my favorite), 1/4 smoked chicken dark, Mac & Bacony cheese and fried okra.  Just a snack…

IMG_2851 IMG_2853Oh yes, and it comes with a SLAB of garlicky buttery Texas toast.  $34bzd and this is EASILY enough for 2.  I had lots of take home because I needed to test the dessert.  We tried a Smoked Apple Pie.  (Ask for it warm AND with whipped cream – delicious.)  And one fine example of Frozen Key Lime Pie.  Really REALLY good.



Stuffed to the gills, we headed home for food naps…we stopped to say hi to friends at Feliz Bar.  They are doing a Live Music Saturday.


And we walked down to Coco Loco’s and somehow we still stood at the split between the nice day and the black cloud.  It’s following us.

(When I got home, I realized that about half of my IPhotos contain my finger…gonna need to work on that.)


Back over the bridge to San Pedro Town proper and paved roads.  A bunch of kids and adults seem to have received roller blades from Santa.  There are only a few smooth, non-cobbled roads for using them…

Escaping the black cloud…





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2 thoughts on “A Trip Up North on Ambergris Caye: Ak’Bol Yoga Resort, Lazy Croc’s BBQ, Feliz Bar and Odd Weather

  1. lifeagain

    10:00 am here is Oakland California and i opened yet another one of your food post equipped with delicious photos and detailed descriptive taste…….when will i learn…..except today there is a local barbecue restaurant that…if i can hold out for a few hours at least i will get to sample some BBQ treats SANS the atmosphere.

    1. Belize Blog

      Ha! Thanks for the comment. Do not mean to torture! Now that I’m back on this post, I want more ribs too!

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