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After Orange Walk, An Unexpected Night in Belize City

I am here in rainy Belize City.  My fault really.  Yesterday I visited the amazing Lamanai Mayan Ruins (SO green after all of this rain),


hopped on a 3:30pm bus from Orange Walk town (aka Suga City) to Belize City and missed the last boat, the 5:30pm, to Ambergris.

Here’s the Old Masters’ Rum headquarters in Orange Walk in all its Christmas finery.


For those of you lacking in knowledge of Belize geography, here is a map.   Pffffft…schools these days!

map_of_belize (1)The bus ride isn’t far in distance (in fact, my Belize City taxi driver last night told me that after a big night of drinking at the club, he and his friends like to drive up to Orange Walk – 45 minutes – at 5am just for the tacos!)

IMG_6339But, our local bus yesterday stopped at almost every house on the drive.   And it took just over 2 hours as we headed into Belize City rush hour traffic.

And note to self:  stay off the road between Belize City and OW in the early morning hour.

So I spent the night at a LOVELY spot in Belize City and ate delicious Indian food at my very favorite, Sumathi.  A spicy Tikka Masala with naan bread always sets things right.

Plus, I’ll be back in San Pedro by lunch time.  Perfect.

Now if only this rain would stop…



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