Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia, Belize: I NEVER Wanted To Leave

I had two nights planned in Placencia Village staying on the low budget end of thing.   First night at Lydia’s Guesthouse where I shared two bathrooms with a handful of guests.  $45bzd a night.  Second night at Julia’s Cabanas on the beach where I had a large room with my own front porch and hammock for $80bzd.  I was also right next to the very popular Barefoot Bar and found that I can easily fall asleep to loud reggae music.

Both perfectly fine and centrally located.  I’ll be staying at Julia’s again when I return in February for the Sidewalk Arts & Music Festival.  I had a fantastic time, fell in love with Placencia all over again and was ready to hop a bus back to San Pedro (well…a few boats are also involved).

And then I got a chance to stay one more night at Chabil Mar Villas.  The boutique resort that I’ve heard quite a bit about.  I’d seen the gates from the road but was very curious to see the resort…and…I was not disappointed at all.  I’m not sure how they pulled this off but Chabil Mar is the most peaceful relaxing 24 hours I’ve spent in Belize.  Bliss.  Seriously.

Like when you are meditating (WHAT!  I meditated once!) and they tell you to “picture your happy place” bliss.


Here’s a look around…

I met Tiffany at the front desk and she immediately took me to my villa.  Tiffany was a gem throughout my stay…even the time I thought I locked myself out and the key was in my pocket.   She showed me the property as we went…

One of the two pools.


and she checked me in (fill out the form, imprint of the credit card) when we entered my villa.  MY VILLA.

Two things I love waiting for me – a large chocolate bar and a resort daily newsletter with information on tours, the weather and who is checking in.  Welcome Rebecca!


Here is the porch wrapping around the entire 2 bedroom unit.  My villa.  Mine all mine.

A sitting area, a dining area for 6, two lounge chairs…amazing.  Each unit is decorated differently adding to the “boutique-y” quality of the resort.


A fruit punch and cool hand towel were delivered.  And then into the villa.


My dining area.



My bedroom and bathroom.


Down comforter and tons of pillow, the mattress is super comfortable.  IMG_7893

Time to look around the property a bit more.  I changed into my swimsuit, grabbed the beach towel…

A beautiful patio and lounge area.  Love the iced apple flavored water available day and night.

IMG_7898And the gardens are so amazing.  This place is dripping with flowers and plants.  Perfectly groomed.

IMG_7910And then the view from the dock.  Placencia’s beach really is gorgeous.


Perhaps the most distinctive feature of resort is the dining.  The menu for all meals is in your villa along with quite a few phones.  But Chabil Mar has no official restaurant.  You can eat where ever and when ever you like.  A snack out on the dock?  Coffee and fruit on your front porch?  Breakfast in bed?  (Okay…you’d have to be pretty gutsy to do that but IT IS POSSIBLE.)

I had morning coffee on my side patio.  Read, sip and enjoy my view.


There is a bar at Chabil Mar with a beautiful lounge area.  If you like to enjoy happy hour and chat about your day’s adventures…



Another thing I loved?  The hourly van that takes you to town.  Just a 5 minute ride but super convenient to know that it goes regularly.

Another thing I loved?  The view.  Sit on the beach or in the pool and at day or night, you have a gorgeous view of Placencia village just around the bend.


Another thing I loved?  All my time at Chabil Mar.  Honestly so beautiful.  There are so many places, in the sun, in the shade, to lounge and lay about SO comfortably.

IMG_7914IMG_7918I think I tried most of the spots.

This place is peaceful, romantic, beautiful.  The rooms are impeccable.  I can’t say enough good things about my stay.  For a weekend or a week, this would be a dream get away whether you are coming from Canada or San Pedro, Belize.

For all the information and pictures, certainly check out their website.  And if you have an extra bedroom in your villa?  You know how to find me.



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