Placencia, Belize Has a Serious Food Scene: Dragonfly Moon and Mojo Lounge

In my last post about the DELICIOUS food in Placencia, I raved about Rumfish y Vino…YUM and the gorgeous gelato at Tutti Frutti.    I actually gained 4lbs in 4 days with my massive amount of eating but who cares!  It can’t be helped.  I love trying new foods (and revisiting old delicious ones) and well…it’s my job.  It absolutely must be done.

The first night I was in Placencia, I visited the newest “hot spot”, Dragonfly Moon.  This restaurant has actually been in the village for a while as more of a classic Belizean-Chinese restaurant.  Amy (also Chinese-Belizean) and her parents own the place.

IMG_7732Last year, Amy Chen wanted to try something new….something more updated than Lo Mein and fried chicken.  She hired a restaurant consultant who has worked with many of the hot spots around Belize like Rumfish in Placencia and Fuego in San Ignacio…

I am quite taken with Boohoo Panda in the Ladies’ Room.


And came up with some ideas.  She then took a trip to China during the slow season and came back with a husband.  A chef with a specialty unique to Belize.  Dim sum.  The traditional Chinese little servings of steamed or fried dumplings that are SO delicious and so fun to eat.  Almost like Chinese tapas.

Order two, if you are still hungry, order more.

They totally redecorated the formerly stark space with a very cool bar.  Excellent dim lighting.


With this center piece.  A Belizean fer de lance or “Tommy Goff”, an insanely deadly snake, resting in a vat of Asian rice liquor.


Very good for the “back” or “backbone” as Belizeans say…for the libido.  Hence the shot’s name.

And the whole restaurant is partitioned so each dining area is quite private.  And then there is the lounge area for smaller groups and plenty of outside seating.

IMG_7724 IMG_7727

I almost felt like I was in a modern opium den in Belize. I mean that in the coolest way.

They just opened a few weeks ago so the menu is small…but fun and imaginative.

IMG_3172I ordered Green Dumplings and the steamed bao with BBQ pork.  Yum.  You MUST get the green dumplings…slightly bitter greens and pork with a sweet sauce.  They are divine.

IMG_3177And the bao.  Delicious but I almost wanted a bit more filling.

IMG_3175Frankie, the consultant came over to chat while I was ordering the chicken feet.  I can’t see that on a menu and not order.

IMG_3178Super fun, DELICIOUS…possibly the best chicken sauce I’ve ever eaten and crazy messy.   How the hell am I supposed to eat these with chop sticks?   Warning:  This is not a first date food.  Romance may be squashed if he sees you chawing on chicken knuckles.

Frankie asked me what qualified me to critique restaurants.  Ha!  Great question.  And a very interesting guy who has helped Amy create a REALLY different place.  Very cool.  I’ll use that word again and again.  This place IS cool.

And I got some Placencia scoop:  he is now designing an Indian restaurant for the peninsula – so more diverse food options are coming your way.

They will be growing the menu over the next few months…adding Dim Sum, more dishes, a large tea menu (love it) and lots of cocktails that do not contain snake venom.  I can’t wait to stop in on my next trip.

And if you like vanilla pudding, try the Sweet Pleasure Bao.  Delicious.  AND for $54bzd, you can try the Bruce Lee, 20 pieces of dim sum.  Now THAT’S a first date.

The next evening, I tried the next suggestion on my list, Mojo Lounge.

IMG_7738I heard that it was “where the beautiful people go”.  Hmmm…slightly intimidating but I’ll give it a try.

And I entered…


Lots of nooks for seating…I like that.

IMG_7768I headed out to the front porch…and this cool seating area.  Perfect for eating, drinking and watching life go by in Placencia (or RUN by…it was pouring rain).  I SO apologize for these dark dark photos…but I’ve said it before…my night time photography is sub par.


The cocktail menu is really good…lots of interesting choices with plenty of local fresh ingredients.  And very reasonable prices.


Honey, green tea, coconut walker…good stuff.IMG_3263Both dishes that I had were tasty.  A shrimp and pesto bruschetta and a veggie stir fry.  After all the gelato and flan I’d been eating…

COCONUT FLAN from Wendy’s!

IMG_3268…a few vegetables would do my body good.


The staff there is beautiful!  Erin (a gorgeous rock n roll expat) the owner has assembled a crew of beautiful and friendly waitresses and bartenders.  This popular spot is definitely one to stop in to…even if just for some tasty cocktails…

Don’t be intimidated at all.

Placencia…pastel, pretty beach town by day, funky, sophisticated lounge scene at night.  Who knew?

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