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Sanctuary Caye: Sanctuary Belize’s Private Island Getaway is SPECTACULAR

Over the weekend, I visited Sanctuary Belize, the massive development – (I’ll call it the) town planning project just south of Hopkins, Belize and just north of Placencia.   14,000  acres.  1,800+ lots developed and being developed. The planned project is epic (and I don’t like that overused word one bit)…the plans and the possibilities are astounding.  The land is amazing.  There is so much work going on right now.  Just the marina itself?  Just try to imagine digging a 200 slip marina out of hard packed clay that will soon be able to harbor 150 ft yachts.  Incredible.  It’s already filled with water.


Saturday, we spent the day touring Sanctuary (that blog post is coming!) and yesterday, Sunday, we took an hour boat ride out to Sanctuary’s private caye.   Belize’s southern cayes and reef systems are pretty amazing.  Until yesterday, I’d only seen it from above.

IMG_5926 (1)

We visited the island that Sanctuary owners will own. And it was beyond amazing.  As soon as the boat pulled up to this island, my mouth was hanging open.  Sanctuary Caye is perfection.  I’m not even kidding when I say heaven on earth.

Our view from the dock as we unloaded…


It’s kinda the 5 acre island of my dreams.


I took quite a few pictures.  This caye was made for it.  Here are some…

IMG_1611 IMG_1615 IMG_1617Honestly, I was crouching behind every single tree and bush taking pictures.  ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.  Have you seen anything prettier?



There are 2 caretakers and 2 dogs living on the island.  Life is tough on Sanctuary Caye…



IMG_1630 IMG_1635 IMG_1641The island is surrounded (like a horseshoe) with mangrove trees that protect it from high tides and storm surges.  The barrier reef is another 2 miles away and the sea is dotted with tiny cayes.  Beautiful.

IMG_1647 IMG_1652

We all had 30 minute massage appointments here.  Over the water.  More heaven.  IMG_1654


View from the hammock you see above.


And the reef side of the island.


I’m not apologizing for being repetitive.  Doggie after feasting on the remains of our HUGE BBQ lunch.



I got my toes in the water, my tongue in the sand…life is good today.

The caretakers’ house.


And the water off the boat dock.

IMG_1679I was reluctantly pried off the island to make my way back to Kanantik and then to Hopkins Village for a night here.  SO MUCH TO DO!

And after all the beautiful things that I’ve seen in Belize over my 7 years here?  Sanctuary Caye may be most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.  I can only plot my return…

And for those asking, I am not advertising for, I haven’t been paid by Sanctuary Belize.  I said it in my last post…I sent them an email asking if I could see the property and they invited me out for the weekend.

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16 thoughts on “Sanctuary Caye: Sanctuary Belize’s Private Island Getaway is SPECTACULAR

    1. Belize Blog

      The website for the development is above…Sanctuary Belize is its name. I’m sure they can give you plenty of information.

  1. Jason

    This place looks incredible! How do I get in touch with Sanctuary? I just read about that new international airport they are putting in down there. Could be the next big real estate boom!

      1. StoneAge

        I have a few ideas, but I cannot share them here. One day it will get done. Don’t expect it in the next 5 years however.

  2. Pisces

    The Placencia peninsulais just like the Klondike over one hundred years ago. Everyone wants to get in on the boom. Almost every house on the peninsula is for sale. Couples are everywhere with big plans on making it big. Most think that a restaurant is what Placencia needs most. There will be money made! But just like the Klondike the big money will be made selling picks, shovels, girls and booze.

  3. StoneAge

    Lucy & I have lived on our boat (Stone Age) at Sanctuary for 2+ years. It is an amazing place with a private Island that is indeed stunning. Have spent may a day there ourselves. We were actually the very first boat in the marina. Well, our dingy was when we rode the waterfall that cascaded in when they flooded it. Sanctuary is going to be a great place. many people are counting on it to be. Several homes going up and they are SUPPOSED to be breaking ground on the infrastructure for the services at the marina any day now. ……

    1. StoneAge

      No – the boat is NOT in the picture – Too much stuff on the dock as she is going through a re-fit right now. :-). would not have done the place justice… Back sailing again in June.

    2. Tim Evans

      StoneAge, Does anyone have a report on how Sanctuary is coming along? Or the new Kanantik development? I woulod like to pick your brain about S Belize.

  4. Lisa Wechsler Kuklenski

    I am going to schedule a tour at Sanctuary. it looks unbelievable. Is it?? has anybody seen a 100,000.00 lot? How do they look and how far from water?

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