Two Very Funky Businesses in Hopkins, Belize Producing Great Stuff

Hopkins, on the southern coast of Belize, has a feel all it’s own.  The landscape is beautiful…beach to mountains.  And the village proper is tiny, friendly and colorful.  (You can look at many of my pictures here.)  I really enjoyed my four nights in Hopkins and was busy the whole time.

There are PLENTY of tours to keep you more than busy but I found that just a slow walk or lazy bike ride through town was interesting too. I met some very cool people, both transplants and locals, who are starting small businesses, making a little bit of money and just doing their own thing. The first is Caitlin’s bakery.  Caitlin is a American expat turned local who has been in Belize for over 15 years…since her college days.  She owns a small piece of land back by the school in the center of town.  Look for her handpainted signs… IMG_1932And when you turn back away from the sea back towards the school, look for more signs and kids.  Some Caitlin’s, some the neighbors…kids are not dumb.  The smell of baking muffins seems to draw them in. She is in almost a tiny shack…a baking shack.  But her muffins and breads looked delicious.  Tupperwares start popping and I had this to choose from… IMG_1934I bought some pumpkin pecans muffins and one chocolate zucchini.  They were moist and delicious.  The perfect snack after walking the length of Hopkins twice that day.

Oh yes…and two muffins and a small loaf of banana nut bread cost $10bzd.  VERY reasonable.

I am not the only one who liked her stuff…she is ranked #5 out of all restaurants in Hopkins on TripAdvisor.

The next shop/residence ranks high on my interesting business list.   You can see the sign both from the beach… IMG_1818 and from the street. IMG_1907 Intriguing.  You walk down a long dusty path and behind some coconut trees… IMG_1908 Now THIS is interesting.  I walked around the bus and found Barbara hard at work on a new sign. IMG_1910IMG_1911 I didn’t even get a chance to ring this awesome bell. IMG_1915 Barbara lives and has her store in the bus.  And though it hasn’t moved much in a few years, she assures me that it is ready to roll out in case of serious weather.  Now that is not a bad way to live… She has a very cool display of her hemp based products but I was most interested in her oils. IMG_1912 Place the word magic in any product name and I am sold. Here’s beautiful Barbara.  And her skin IS great for Belize sun + 62 years of age.  It IS magic! IMG_1914I know what you are asking right now….how hot does it get in that bus?  Barbara is parked beneath a tree and has fans and electricity so the answer?  Not that hot.

I was torn between the oil for repelling bugs (though I wasn’t having any problem in Hopkins with the critters) and oil for ever lasting youth.  Citronellia & lavender vs. frankincense.   Everlasting youth is not her promise but the one I created. I bought a bottle of this gorgeous smelling oil for $20bzd (youth ain’t CHEAP) and have been slathering it on my neck and decolletage for the past week.  In my mind, the years are melting away.  And if not?  At least I smell good. 10150705_694810280560509_1523702049_n (1)Barbara is a trip.  And a really nice person.  Living life on her own terms in a gorgeous spot.   Stop by and chat.  I totally buy her argument that bees wax is the key her oils.  Once you rub it on, it unleashes the fabulousness.  Next time I’m there?  I’m getting the bug stuff for sure…

Follow this sign…in fact, follow all funky signs when travelling.

IMG_1921Most of the time you meet really cool people.

Both Caitlin’s bakery and Barbara have facebook pages.  Caitlin’s doesn’t look used much but you can still get her information and Barbara is very active.

Like I always say, never judge a lady that lives in a bus.

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