Two Budget Hotel Options When You Travel to Hopkins, Belize

Everyone has different priorities and budgets when it comes to travelling.  And we all know the sometimes it feels like the cash register never stops ringing.   So I TOTALLY get it when someone would rather spend their saved dollars on tours like snorkelling and cave tubing or eating out at fantastic restaurants.  Food is MY favorite way to experience a new place.  Or an old place.  Or any place.  Please don’t judge…

So during my recent trip to Hopkins, Belize,  I wanted to try lodging for all price ranges.

Hopkins, along with Caye Caulker and San Ignacio, Belize, seem to be more “backpacker hotspots”.  And so I started with the Funky Dodo Hostel.  The hostel is located right in the village center right across the street from King Cassava…most convenient.  And dorm rooms start as low as $19bzd or $9.50USD.  You really can’t beat that.


I had tried to email for a few days before I arrived for a private room – I’ve done dorm before and I REALLY don’t enjoy it.  I was willing to splurge.   The owner of the Dodo was out of town and my emails were unreturned.  I figure I would wing it…like a true backpacker?…and just show up.

The place has a bit of a ramshackle feel as you enter.  But there is a nice courtyard with this pool…


and hammocks draped about with people lounging and reading.  There is a great upstairs or Tree Top Bar that serves food and drink…and is just a cool spot to lounge whether you are staying here or not.

photo 2 (5)

At my arrival at about 7pm, there was no room at the inn but the lovely man at the front desk said he would find one for me.  Come pack in an hour.  I went out to dinner…returned and there was a room with bathroom available across the street.  In a pitch black yard, I think it might have been one of their employee’s homes.  Not sure, but there was a shower and a fan and I was exhausted from a full day of travel and was off early the next day…

It was fine.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

A few days later, I spent a bit more money and found a LOVELY spot right on the beach that I can whole heartedly recommend.  The place is called Jungle Jeanie’s by the Sea and it is a gem.

About a fifteen minute walk down the beach from the village center proper, I walked into Jeanie’s bar and dining room area.


And the view from the patio is gorgeous.

IMG_1899I was early – going from hotel to hotel in one spot leads to gaps in your schedule.  Most check-outs are 11am and in’s 2 or 3pm.   Jeanie’s was quick to find me a room with one of these very cute fish keys.


I used the Wi-Fi and spent some more time on the patio.  I LOVE the jungle meets the sea look…Hopkins has so many beautiful trees growing right on the beach.

IMG_1898Jeanie’s takes advantage with lots of winding paths through the “jungle”.

The beach.

IMG_1900And one of the cabanas.


When the room was ready, I was led to Seabreeze South.  This is not even considered a seafront cabana.  And look at the view from the porch…

IMG_1924 IMG_1926

My simple but super cute room.  And with all the screened windows?  Plenty cool at night.


This place had a lovely LOVELY summer vacation feel to it…front porches with Adirondack chairs, open windows letting in the sound of the sea (you can hear the waves in Hopkins!), everyone sitting out in the evening sipping beers.  I would come back here again.

In a heartbeat.  And Jeanie and her husband John have been doing this for years.  They know Hopkins and Belize inside and out.   I went to hand in my key at about 6am (I had a 7am bus to catch back home) and morning coffee was made.  I LOVE early coffee.

Sunrise from my porch.  WELL WORTH $50USD.

photo (30)

And John was nice enough to give me a ride to the village so I could finish my coffee…

IMG_1738Great spot.

Check out Jeanie’s website for the story of how she and her husband came to Belize in 1989 and for rates and information.

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