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Lobster Prepared Countless Ways Rocks at the 2014 San Pedro Lobsterfest Block Party

Last night was the GRAND finale of the week long San Pedro 2014 Lobsterfest.  Everyones’ passports were stamped and entered for a FANTASTIC raffle prize – a trip for 2 back to 2015 Lobsterfest complete with flights, hotels, restaurant visits, tours and TONS more.


The amazing Paneriffix Steel Pan Group started out the night doing songs from Bob Marley to Rihanna…

Here’s my YouTube video.  Comes out grainy….but I couldn’t wait 400 hours for the full thing to upload!

It just makes you HAPPY.


I arrived a bit early to take pictures of all the amazing booth decorations and take a look around.  I knew there was a personal challenge ahead.  But I’ll get to that…

Caliente Restaurant and their colorful booth.

IMG_6888 IMG_6899They were already serving food to hungry early birds.


A WALL of speakers that turned up properly WOULD make ear drums bleed.  I shivered for those staying later to see the fantastic artist, Supa G.  Famed for his song “4 Men” – sample lyric:  White man gotta pay the bills, Spanish man gotta build da house, China man gotta cook the food and…black man gotta lay the pipe.


The judges booth – my later seat for a few hours!


Coco Blanca at Coco Beach and Pinocchio Restaurant set up the ENTIRE palapa area as an outdoor restaurant.


The bartenders and employees all matching.  Armando on the left and his fellow bartender.IMG_6908

Tee hee.  Sad lobster.


Ramon’s getting ready.


And their very tasty menu that I got to sample later…


The San Pedro AIDs Commission and the WINNERS of BEST BOOTH.  Take a look…


And then the Casa Picasso team – later winners of the 2014 BEST LOBSTER DISH!  The rich lobster risotto.

IMG_6900They were also serving buttery goodness – the lobster sliders.

IMG_6905Merchandise was being sold…

IMG_6906But there is work to do!  I was one of the 7 lucky people chosen to judge the competitions!  Here are two of them.  Tamara from the San Pedro Sun and Joe of…Joe.


Cocktail (I abstained) and food.  15 FOOD DISHES.  Oh my…


Give me strength!  And over the next few hours, the FANTASTIC food kept coming…

I stopped gorging to take a few pictures.



Ramon’s PRESENTATION!  Lobster pesto wonton and a lettuce leaf wrap.  Yum.

IMG_6923 IMG_6929

A yummy lobster chimichange from Carlo & Ernie’s, jerk lobster, lobster enchilada, a strangely delicious lobster hot dog and twice baked lobster potato from Elvi’s (another top pic for me)…

This WOW plate from Coco Blanca at Coco Beach.  Lobster wrapped in bacon, lobster ravioli, black lobster risotto and a sauce that was like…a lobster dream.


One of my very favorites, a lobster waffle with lobster salad on top.  Cayo Espanto.  Delicious.


A cocktail from Casa Picasso.


This was about number 12.  The crowd had definitely filled in and my stomach was about to tap out.


The lucky prize winner was chosen (one raffle ticket for each stamp in your passport)…


And then the food, drink and booth winners.  THANK GOODNESS.  My stomach wanted to go home!  Not sure if it’s the richness of the lobster or the butter or just the MASSIVE AMOUNTS of food I consumed.  I’m guessing a combination.



  1. Hidden Treasure Restaurant
  2. Casa Picasso
  3. Cayo Espanto


  1. Casa Picasso
  2. Pineapple’s Restaurant at Ramon’s Village
  3. Coco Blanco at CocoBeach Resort


Amazing, amazing food, amazing music, amazing amount of organization by the FestOrganizers, the Crawl Crew and all the booths…what a HUGE amount of work.

How is my stomach this morning you ask after you already wiped the tear away…sadness for my life hardships?  Ummm…I’m sure it will be better soon.  I’m still sweating butter.  But  who cares?!  What an awesome honor to be picked and what an amazing 15 dishes.  When else can you sit and eat 8lbs of lobster prepared 30 different ways?


And now I can start getting REALLY excited again.  Next weekend I am attending TWO LOBSTERFESTS!

With the sponsorship of Tropic Air (thank you thank you thank you), I am flying to Placencia for Friday and Saturday at the 18th Annual Placencia Lobsterfest.  (Check out their facebook page.)  I’m also staying at the beautiful Laru Beya Beach Resort.

And then flying back for Sunday at the Caye Caulker Lobsterfest.  You can read more about that one below.



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  2. TarheelBornGal

    Wow, it all looks so scrumptious! I am sure my entire digestive system would have been complainin’ from all the rich lobster and butter, but it would have been so worth it. You are one very lucky lady!

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