Now That’s Progress: The New Diamante Beachfront Suites in San Pedro, Belize

Two things recently caught my eye about the new Diamante Suites that are going up at the very southern edge of town in San Pedro.  First, this announcement last week:



Free beer?  In San Pedro?  This could cause a riot.  Sure it’s slightly gimmicky but it’s also super smart and well…pretty fun.  A Saturday night.  Get all the tour guides, the taxi drivers, the waiter, the bloggers together for a bit of a party.   No matter how you look at it, that is good times and smart promotion for your project.

They’ve got some pretty snazzy marketing ideas that have caught my eye over the last few months.


Second thing that has struck me recently is the amazing speed that this place is being built.   We have all seen some of the caye construction that takes months…and then years.  Stops for a while and then starts again.  That’s not what is going on here.   I posted a story a few months ago about the ground breaking (March 28th) to be exact.  Seems like a good time to update the progress.

Take a look.

Entering from the street side of the project.


Here are the current plans on display at the site.

photo 5

My initial plan was to climb to the top (currently floor 3 of 4) and place one of my stickers there.  I TOO love a gimmick.  But when I saw this scaffolding (actually the real deal – rare down here) and remembered my black-out, all encompassing fear of heights, I asked Kristian, the sale manager if he would mind…

IMG_7887I did take a look at the first floor.  I am not great at picturing a finished product but what I saw that I liked are the 11 foot ceilings (16 feet in the penthouse!) with basically floor to ceiling windows (to be installed), the HUGE showers and cool balconies…

IMG_7891‘And the pretty awesome views.


If a man can raise $60k US on to make potato salad, surely can raise a few hundred thousand for a gorgeous town-based pad?  Okay…maybe not.

Now…let’s send Kristian to the top for some serious views…I stood, like a giant baby at the bottom, and took pictures from the other direction with my IPhone.

photo 2

There he is…at the top…standing on top of god knows what.

photo 4

And there I am…



Still negotiating a sticker in every finished suite.IMG_7900

And then looking south along the reef.



And me in front of Hurricane’s Bar.


And then north over the Blue Water Grill and town.  Now that’s convenience.  Love the idea that you can walk EVERYWHERE.


Cool project.  The building currently going up is going to be open for residence January 2015.  Stop by and chat with Kristian, the sales manager if you want more information (or if you just want to drop off a small deposit in my name) or check out their website.   He’s also been known to buy free beers.

And thanks for the suggestion for the update on this project, Mike.  If anyone wants an update on anything, please send me a message.  I can’t promise anything but I love feedback.

What a view.


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