A Summer Day in San Pedro, Belize – Sun, Chocolate and Pupusas

I have a friend visiting for 2 weeks – my very best friend.  And since I disappeared for 4 days of her visit to attend the amazing Belize International Film Festival down in Placencia, we absolutely need to do fun things for the remainder of her visit.

Luckily, with the gorgeous weather and the water and the good eats, this is not hard.

I picked her up at Mata Rocks Resort right next door…she is staying there for a night or two (between her dog sitting gigs) and the morning was perfect on the pool deck.


We actually started the day quite spiritually with a guided meditation class and then beginners’ yoga at Zen Arcade.  Love this spot.  And love that I can finish all that wellness off with a $10bzd bean burrito that SO hits all the right chakras.

(Whatever that means.)

Tacobell eat your heart out.  This salsa verde and fresh made flour tortilla make this delicious.

10514639_10152745337473322_3090906980566118929_nWe then headed up to take a dip in the sea.  Ak’Bol’s dock is always perfection.  And yesterday was no different…


BUT this is as close as we got to the sea, there was a large yoga training course going on…and the dock was off limits.

IMG_8469We headed over to visit Sue and Steve, the owners of Coco Loco’s Bar and to take a dip in the pool.  I did not take one picture for some reason…but Steve snapped this doozy as we entered the place.


We paddled around, had a few drinks (great spot for soaking and sipping), watched a few minutes of a SERIOUS cribbage tournament that goes on every Monday at 4pm and headed back home.

(The crowd was surprisingly young…I’d guess median of 50?  I was expecting some SERIOUSLY geezers.  Sue and Steve assured me that it’s canasta that attracts the seniors not cribbage.)

I’d be hard pressed to tell you the difference.


With a QUICK stop at the Belize Chocolate Company for a buttery buttery cookie…

IMG_8472and a brownie.  So good.

And then out to dinner with friends.  To (let me try to get this right) El Salvordeana Pupuseria?  If you’ve been to San Pedro, surely you’ve visited the two pupusa spots on Middle Street.  Dueling pupusas (delicious masa pancakes stuffed with cheese and filling and grilled) face to face.

This is Sara making her specialty all night long.

IMG_8480And Jamie (pretending) to learn to make them.


Oh…and the REAL name of the place.


We each had a pupusa to start with and then shared 2 lobster burritos for 4.  These things are as big as your forearm.  And tons of lobster.  Crazy deal for $26bzd.  Half is more than enough.


So other than blogging about Ranguana Caye in the morning along with a few cups of coffee, that’s pretty much everything I did yesterday.

We are thinking of attempting an afternoon of Stand Up Paddle boarding…will certainly let you know.

It’s another weather gem out there.




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