An Afternoon And Stand Up Paddle Boarding With Friends at X’tan Ha Resort, Ambergris Caye

Travel 7.5 miles north on Ambergris Caye and you almost feel like you are in a different part of San Pedro.  Yesterday, my friends and I hopped aboard the Coastal Express Water Taxi…to spend the afternoon at X’tan Ha Resort…on the beautiful beach, near the Mexico Rocks snorkeling site.  It’s about 30 minutes up there…we dropped off tourists and resort employees along the way.

At almost that exact spot, the water seems to look like a giant swimming pool.

Here are some of my pictures from yesterday.  For many more (and photos of the pool and the buildings, you can check out my last year’s visit.)  When you hear people say that there are no beaches in Belize…now you know that they are DEAD wrong.



IMG_8489 IMG_8499

The water is just ridiculously gorgeous up there…and this little picture postcard area?

IMG_8500We had to pose for the shot last year.



IMG_8505 IMG_8512


Time to attempt SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding).  I’ve tried it once or twice and it was a relatively calm day and the resort has two boards.

I gave it a go for about 10 minutes and the wind!  You are paddling like crazy to go basically no where…

But then Jamie and Debbie seemed to get a bit more of the hang of it…

IMG_8520 IMG_8521

I preferred to enjoy the view from the dock…

IMG_8524 IMG_8525


I know the two of them are VERY sore this morning.


I spent some time in the over-the-water bar area…and on the giant tube.  A very comfy spot if you are looking to SCORCH yourself in the hot summer sun.




They watched a man (with his own board) effortlessly paddle all the way out to the reef and they set out to do the same.



They were paddling their hearts out but really not moving much.


Time to hit the dock and head back home.  A gorgeous few hours…


I’ve been asked by many…can you just arrive at a resort and use the facilities?  It depends.  Some places, sure.  Some, no way.  Some if you eat and drink there….it all varies.  My advice is to call (or email) ahead.  If they are not all that buy, usually it is no problem.


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