The Costa Maya Festival Packs Up and Trying to Capture A Super Moon

Yesterday was the official end of what is called the largest festival in Belize – the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival.   Music, a super pageant of Central American beauties in some surprisingly tiny bikinis, food, rides…

costa maya



costa maya 2

(I would be remiss not to mention a bit of buzz around San Pedro regarding the lack of sponsorship for the official festival by Belize’s beer company, Belikin.   Belikin did sponsor some of the beach parties but has always been one of the main sponsors of the festival.  This year?  They were markedly missing.)

…and huge beach parties by day and night club parties until the sun came up.  Here are some pictures I snagged from friends of mine who partied (or worked) the night away.

Finn (of Rojo Beach Bar) at Fido’s big party…


and Ricky at Jaguar’s Night Club.


I even stopped by Tacklebox on Sunday to see that they were installing a waterfall INSIDE over a kid’s pool.  Maybe the party wasn’t packing up completely.

But the stage and the rides definitely were…


And suitcases were making their way to the boats.


Belikin, as you can see was not absent, this bar is completely branded.

IMG_9416 IMG_9420

The San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi was area was like a boat parking lot.


These 2 or 3 days need many outfit changes.  Lots of rolling suitcases for this weekend in San Pedro.  Lots of shoes (stiletto heels are de rigueur for night) and multiple changes of clothes – including crop tops and high waisted jean shorts – are needed.



Costa Maya (in my mind) is the official end of “the season” in San Pedro…would-be visitors are going back to school and gearing up for the fall.  The hurricane season that starts in June, really reaches it’s peak in September and October.  Belize has less big storms than say…Florida…but it can be a factor in the weather.

Now…on to a totally different topic.  Yesterday’s Super Moon.

Is it just me but did we even have Super Moons 10 years ago?  Maybe it’s just the overuse of Facebook and social media (YES I am a prime offender) but this Super Moon thing is starting to seem a bit played out.  A bit like the Kardashians.  Or “Super Foods”.

And, as if to make it even MORE super, tonight’s moon is called the “Extra Super Moon”.  Sigh…

After a day of clouds on and off, at about 5:30pm, the sky was clearing and I decided to head to beautiful Victoria House to check out this (pffft) Super Moon.

Beautiful as always in the setting sun.

Super Moon Try

A hermit crab on the pool deck.  I had to amuse myself somehow!  I love how (in my mind) he is making eye contact with me.

IMG_9488 IMG_9493 IMG_9497

The moon broke thru the horizon clouds huge and orange.

My photography makes it seem like a speck on the horizon.  Oh well…fun hanging around Victoria House.

IMG_9510 IMG_9525 IMG_9544Moon or no moon, it looks beautiful there.



And then I walked back home.  A man was fishing out on this dock.  The full moon is the ideal time.



You’ll have to take my word for it.  It was a gorgeous sight.


And for those of you screaming at your computer right now –  I do know that the answer involves a tripod.  But I am not willing to go there yet.  It sets the bar WAY too high.


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