A Scoop Newsletter: Hurricane Timing, New Businesses in Town, A New Look For Belikin and Lots of Red, White and Blue


Yesterday was THE most gorgeous day on Ambergris Caye.  Sunny, a nice breeze and fat puffy white clouds.


The temperature hovered in the mid-80s and after the last patch of rain and wind (the storm system that briefly turned into Tropical Storm Dolly after it passed over us), the National Hurricane Center map only shows one potential area.  And it’s quite a ways off…


That yellow way west coming off the Sahara Desert.    Formation chance through 48 hours…low…10 percent.  Formation chance through 5 days…medium…40 percent.

Okay so it’s far off…and yes, yesterday was beautiful but we definitely need to check this map a few times a week.  No time for getting weather-lazy.


The hurricane season maybe half over (June 1st to November 30th) but we are now in the thick of it.   The peak of activity historically (not just in Belize) is September 11th – an all around crap date in my estimation – and well…look at Belize’s biggest storms and their arrival dates.  We’ve had 5 hurricanes in the past hundred of so years that were “major”…or greater than a Category 2 – and were direct hits.

All the links below are to Wikipedia pages.  The amount of information on these storms is fascinating.

A handful of other storms, Keith (this one lingered off shore of Ambergris Caye as a Cat 4) and Mitch (Cat 5 that circled around us) are two that caused extensive damage but don’t fit into the major – Cat 3 or above and hitting Belize – category.

Though I’m not sure why Keith doesn’t exactly fit…I need to do more research on this.  But I do have a point!  It’s coming…

Since I moved here in 2007, my worst storm was Hurricane Dean which hit just 25 miles (as a Cat 5) north of the Belize/Mexico border on August 21, 2007.  And I hope it is the worst I see.

SO, my point is – September and October are the hot months for storms.

And though it seems like it, I’m not trying to scare anyone…it’s just best to keep your eyes on the weather forecast.  I certainly know Jim Cantori is.

JEEZ…after that there is no real way to segue into September celebrations, so I shall treat it as a TOTALLY new topic.  LIke this is some sort of newsletter.


Here are some pictures around town for the independence festivities.  Let’s continue this post with good weather and pretty decorations.

South of town by Marina’s Store



And the Front Street.


Stores are displaying their red white and blues.


No excuse for NOT wearing the colors for the parade on the 21st.

BEL and Nelly’s Laundry.


It’s important to have your golf cart or car decorated too.



Yesterday, I noticed (or took a picture) of a few new businesses that are open or will be opening in the next few months.

Business #1:  A new Hostel – The oh-so-mysterious old Sand’s Hotel.  On a huge central lot on the Front Street, just across from the Central Park, is this building.

IMG_1036I found this old ad for it – it has not been open since I first visited in 2006.  Others certainly know much more than I do.

But word is, that the owner, now deceased, left the property to his relatives.  One (with friends) has repainted the building and will open the property as a hostel.  They only wait for a hotel license.

I can think of no more central location.

Business #2:  Smoothies N Treats

I visited this lovely 16 year old, Idalmy, who has opened an afternoon, evening Smoothies shop just behind Captain Sharks in San Pedro.  She opens at 4pm after school.


Snacks, wings, DEEP FRIED SNICKERS, smoothies.  And she is not just making banana…there are tons of flavors.  Delicious ones.  Made with yummy ingredients.  And at a super reasonable price.


IMG_9625 IMG_9616

Cute, right?  All her own work and design.

AND I walked out with a gorgeous icy HUGE pina colada smoothie.  Delicious…and big enough to share with my taxi driver home.


No.  We did not sip it together.  He found a cup.

Like the business on Facebook and stop by!  Supporting a young local entrepeneur who is working while going to school?  What is not to love about that?

Business IS NOT EASY in San Pedro.  Let’s help her make this work.

Business #3:  The Coffee Bar

The Caribbean Connection internet shop is an internet place no longer – or so I hear.  Yesterday, a sign painter was outside taking measurements.

The place will now be “The Coffee Bar” and be, primarily, a coffee spot.  I’m guessing they are going to be doing more.  This is expensive, Front Street real estate and just coffees might not do it.  But we will have to wait to find out.



If you are looking for a GREAT coffee in town NOW, I recommend Mesa Cafe.  And if you are south of town, try Rum + Beans.  (Information on both below.)


Last night, Belikin Beer, the beer of Belize, posted this flyer on line.  A big reveal on this morning’s Belize City “Open Your Eyes” morning show.


A paper label, a slightly lighter bottle, a new look for Belikin beer – it will be available countrywide next week.  And for a brief history of the company, check the website here.

Belikin New Label

You can see the label behind the CEO, Michael Bowen…

Bowen and Bowne


and the commercial.  Like the drama?  Nice one Island Films.

Have a fantastic Thursday.

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