Tiger Beach Club: Super Cool New Indian Spot Opens on Placencia Peninsula

I love Indian food.  So…when I heard that a swanky new spot was opening just north of Seine Bight village on the Placencia Peninsula, I knew I’d want to try it eventually.   And then I found out that the place was being opened by Frankie Gagliano and I REALLY wanted to go.  The designer of places like Rumfish y Vino (he sold it even before it opened) in Placencia, Fuego Restaurant in San Ignacio and DragonFly Moon (I actually first met him there) has beautiful taste and makes all his spots look impossibly cool.

This one is absolutely no exception.


I found the most UNCOOL way to arrive at this place opened barely two weeks.  RIding a bike down from Maya Beach Hotel.  Friends were meeting me later, but as usual, I like to arrive early to take a few daylight pictures.  The restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday 4pm to 10pm.

I love all the details of this spot starting with these colored tiger striped stones.


As I was pulling up and dismounting from my steed, I caught my foot and tumbled to the ground remembering why I dislike bike riding SO MUCH.  Sure it stung but more importantly…did anyone see me?

Still on the ground, I glanced around and thought I was safe.  The bartender was working and no one else was around…and then?  The entire kitchen staff came running.  Many with hands over their mouths.  Humiliating.  A 41 year old woman laying in the gravel next to a beach cruiser.

Minutes later I was in the lounge area, meeting the chef (who Frankie found in Mumbai, India) for the first time.  While he was dabbing at my wound with Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol.  Duh.

If I could, I would give the spot a Michelin Star for medical care and the chef’s bedside manner.


After that drama, I took pictures.  Trying to play it cool.  Here they are.

The entrance.  Look at those treacherous rocks!


IMG_0864Beautiful fabrics and patterns…

IMG_0867 IMG_0868The place is really stunning once the sun starts to set and the lights are hula-ing in the sea breeze – the restaurant is set right on a large ocean lot.


There is no set menu yet…here is the list of the specials.

IMG_0893The chef was back using the tandoor oven.



Sorry to show you tandoor chicken and road rash knee in one post – but I want to give you the full story.


And later making the naan bread.  This pit of charcoal is a beautiful and frightening thing.

IMG_0911 IMG_0910

The bar at the other end is fantastic too.  Purple tiger and neon Bollywood signs. It totally works.

IMG_0899We started with the appetizers…

Please don’t ask me the exact names of anything.

Samosas with a beautiful sweet sauce.

IMG_0904And my favorite, the spiced and herb corn.

IMG_0902The view from the lounge area and the bar as night settled.

IMG_0907The place is beautiful, beautiful designed.  Totally embraces Indian style – tons of colors, silky fabrics, patterns, sequins…all of it.

We moved to the table and ordered a feast.  Or what looked like a feast.  The three dishes (one of each – chicken, lamb and fish) come in their own bowls for sharing but what also arrives are countless smaller bowls of side dishes like lentil dhal and chutneys, yogurt sauces, condiments, toppings, herbs and spiced rices.

For the three of us, there had to be about 20 bowls.

You cannot help but be impressed…by the authenticity and the kitch.  By the beautiful surroundings.


I almost want to return for the grand opening party – Frankie mentioned maybe November or December?  I fully expect to see a fire eater and a cobra in a basket.

Very cool spot.

Even the super CREEPY Bollywood Horror film poster upon entrance.  I’ve had nightmares about this since.  EEEEEK!  “Bhoot Returns!”

Sorry for this.  But I don’t like to suffer alone.



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