AMAZING Photos of San Pedro Belize’s MASSIVE 2014 Halloween Night- Part Two AND THE WINNERS!

San Pedro’s biggest Halloween party of the year.  Well…human party.  Saturday night the adults partied until dawn (or very close to it) and then Sunday afternoon, the pets and the kids dressed up for the SAGA Humane Society Party that may have been the biggest yet.

saga richard

I posted lots of gorgeous pictures yesterday (taken by Steve of Lola’s Pub) at the Holiday Party and there are lots more.  SO many good ones.  This is my hardest assignment yet!


Here is Part Two.

9L4Y9601 9L4Y9600 9L4Y9598 9L4Y96089L4Y96209L4Y9626

And the line-up for the judging!

The Belize Carnival Ebola ship.  Clever.


Dorian from Ambergris Today.9L4Y9642And then not quite so serious.

9L4Y9643 9L4Y9651 9L4Y9660 9L4Y96719L4Y96739L4Y9679 9L4Y9685


9L4Y9686 9L4Y9687

9L4Y9692 9L4Y9694



Getting down.



I like the Belize Electricity employee – hair sticking straight up.  Dressing all in black would have been appropriate too.9L4Y9744

Steve and Sue from Coco Loco’s.9L4Y9746

And then the awards….


9L4Y9765 9L4Y9768 9L4Y9771 9L4Y9775

GO Felix!

9L4Y97779L4Y9779 9L4Y9781



And the prizes.  SOME AMAZING ONES.

9L4Y9798 9L4Y9799

I’ll make YOU do the hard work.  But look at these prizes!  Tropic Air flights, cash from Holiday Hotel, CHAA CREEK PACKAGE !?!?!!?, a night in Belize City at the Radisson Fort George, wine and cheese from Wine De Vine and more…9L4Y9801

And the Estel’s Dine by the Sea team.  Love it.9L4Y9804 9L4Y9806Awesome party, Awesome pictures.  Maybe next year is my year.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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