AMAZING Photos of San Pedro Belize’s MASSIVE 2014 Halloween Night- Part One

Actual Halloween falls on a Friday this year…which means the BIG PARTY night in San Pedro  (always a Saturday) came early.  Last night, the Holiday Hotel rolled out the red carpet (literally) and almost instantly, Halloween was in full swing.

San Pedro goes absolutely nuts for the holiday and this annual party lasts until dawn.  My friend Steve, a pretty fabulous photographer (as you soon will see) and owner of Lola’s Pub, did some scooping for me since this party really just starts up at around 11pm.  WAY past my bedtime.  He took about 400 photos.  Almost all of them good!  I’m not used to this kind of hit rate…

Wait one second.  Finn Kardashian as a mime?  Unable to speak ALL NIGHT?  Impossible…


Awesome, awesome AWESOME pictures that speak for themselves – and show you how very seriously Ambergris Caye takes Halloween.  If you love a good party and you love dressing up, I’d start planning for 2015.  It’s not easy to win the costume contests around here…

Take a look.  They are in no particular order…and there will be LOTS more coming on Facebook for days to come.  SO MANY GREAT SHOTS!  Thank you Steve.5D3_9790  5D3_9796

The tree of life with a real snake!

5D3_9800 5D3_9821 5D3_9822

DJ Dead Dzl.



Charles from Estel’s Dine by the Sea.

9L4Y9509 9L4Y9533

Shark Week!  And the Belikin Man.

9L4Y9537 9L4Y9535

A pretty awesome Clark Kent.


A pair of Gold Diggers.


9L4Y9544 9L4Y9545I’m giddy!  Love having a full night’s sleep AND getting amazing pictures!

9L4Y9548 9L4Y9556 9L4Y9559 9L4Y9567 9L4Y9575


Love to see Donatello and the boys getting down.

9L4Y9581 9L4Y9584 9L4Y9587

Awesome…she even had the Whoopee cushion sound effect on her phone…


Jen does AMAZING costumes each year.  Killer.9L4Y9593 9L4Y9594

I want to put some pictures out there, so here is Part One.  Later today, Part Two and the list of winners.  GO SAN PEDRO!


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