Mysterious Messages Appear on My Beach Walk Home on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday, after running a bunch of errands in town, I took my usual beach walk home on a gorgeous day.

The tide was a bit lower and the rafts of sargasso seaweed had stopped coming in.  Let’s hope PERMANENTLY.


There was a boat with two full grown coconut trees near the shore at Ramon’s Village.  Odd…

IMG_5773 IMG_5776IMG_5780 IMG_5783

Beautiful, right?

And then I started passing random sign…first HONOR.


Just passed Caribbean Villas, I saw DIGNITY hammered to a beach log.

By Xanadu Resort – PEACE.


And north of Banyan Bay…


And namaste…


And a few hundred feet south…


I’m a giant fan.  What’s not to love about the message?  (Though I’m thinking WWJD is a bit of a weak link…)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was part of the up coming election season?  (Ok…no chance…but it would be wonderful.)

Does anyone have any information who is spreading these positive vibes around Ambergris Caye?  I’d love to get the scoop.

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