Moments in San Pedro, Belize Over This Past Week

The weather this week has been pretty gorgeous on Ambergris Caye.  The municipal elections are over (phew!), the sargasso algae/seaweed is at an all-time high level and, as usual, there is plenty going on to keep me busy in San Pedro.  Here are some pictures from around the island.  If you run into me anywhere and I am not taking pictures, something might be wrong.

The weather on Wednesday afternoon from the Rojo Beach Bar dock.  No filter.  The sky and sea at its bluest.


My friend Bubba who lives on the sidewalk near my home.  A wish willy (not an iguana), he’ll eat just about anything.  But he enjoy some bananas if I remember to bring one home.


A new squash?  Much of the juice, when not fresh, that we drink in Belize is made from squash.  A concentrate that needs to be mixed with water.  Tamarind squash!  Tart and tangy, I bet a splash of this with soda water is just divine.


Tamarind (called tambran in Belize) looks like this…


And is a major ingredient in Lea & Perrins Worcestshire, HP Sauce and Indian chutneys.  I love the flavor.

And then the sargasso…great sheets of it are coming in over the reef.  Here’s a smaller one.


Favorite Estel’s Dine by the Sea breakfast spot is closed on Tuesdays…


And hopping all the rest of the time.


And the view eating breakfast inside.

IMG_1883LOOK for this lady.  Who sells cakes and pie by the slice in front of the San Pedro post office.


Today’s selection was pink & green swirl cake with caramel icing, lime pie, tres leches cake and my favorite, “Better than Sex Cake”.

I was planning to take my piece home to enjoy but I opened the box…and couldn’t make it.  I went right across the street to the Saul’s Rum, Cigar and Coffee Shop sat down and ate the whole thing.

Get a coffee…what a lovely afternoon break.


I took a walk out on the Tacklebox dock, my old place of employment (it’s been almost 4 years now!) and enjoyed the view…


…and a little trip down memory lane.  I wonder if I can steal this sign…I loved it since I had it painted.


And speaking of hermit crabs.  This guy, seen on the beach up by Rojo this week, isn’t going to win any derbies.  But he might become the face of Belikin Beer.


While taking photos of the sargasso in town, I ran into this lady dog.  And I’m going to try to find her a home.  She is so ugly-cute and sweet, she deserves one.  Pitbull-French Bull Dog?


Pelicans off the dock of Ramon’s Dive Shop could care less about the seaweed…they just want fish cleaning scraps.


I spent a good amount of time this week enjoying the sunset.  A surprisingly good use of your day.

An instagram shot over the sea as the sun was setting behind me.



Shrimps the dog enjoying that same spot during the day.

IMG_8700And then a GORGEOUS spot to enjoy the sunset over the lagoon.  A small but perfect dock built across from Cocotal Inn, 2.5 miles north on Ambergris Caye.



Amazing…so that’s it from me…for now.   Well…a few more random shots…

The new sign at my Crossfit gym.



And some cute kids trying to Crossfit-along with us.


One of the most beautiful flowers around.  The scent of the frangiapani is heaven.

IMG_8654An action shot of the San Pedro Tiger Shark’s mascot about to break dance.  We BARELY beat the Belize City No Limit on their home court last night!  88 to 87.   Next game is next Saturday in San Pedro.  Get ready!

IMG_8597And lastly, I’m sure you are DYING to know what sort of watch I wear down here.  Swatch.


Two, I know.  Too much.


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