WWFD: Fin Kardashian Kicks Off the Holiday Weekend In San Pedro at Lola’s Party

I know you have asked yourself many times…WWFD.  So our favorite correspondent (and his liver) are going to be working HARD to cover all of the Easter weekend parties so that…you don’t have to 🙂  Here is Fin’s Thursday night (before the HUGE party weekend) celebrating Lola’s Pub’s 4th Birthday party.  Thanks Fin.

So last night was the kick off to Easter weekend and why not start festivities by celebrating the Anniversary/Birthday of the best pub in the Americas Lola’s Pub?

Lola’s is one of the best bars in downtown San Pedro so warm and welcoming this place never makes you want to go home!

So my night started by taking the boat on a LOVELY sunset…

fin1 fin2 and it was a Throwback HOLY Thursday.   Bringing out the oldies.

Finally we make it to Lola’s…thank God I don’t wear a weave or else! Easter weather tends to be really choppy and breezy in San Pedro. I think extra hair spray and champagne could solve the problem.  It hurts to look good.
fin4Walking to the venue was DJ Matt blasting my favorite TBT tunes,  am already loving this party!
fin3Also decided to help the FIN K Project on their special day, which am very grateful for… I love you guysl! Thank you so much!

And on any given birthday – done correctly – there are CUP CAKES! MMMMMMM…..

fin5I better talk to Steve the owner…hmmm no CHEESE DIP! WTH!  Doesn’t he know that this is a birthday party…IN BELIZE?

And then there was Mrs. Sherlette making the best sliders ever perfect food for a perfect party. She also has the best laugh in town just thinking about it makes me giggle.

fin7 fin8

and the Fiesta is getting bigger and better!


and there he is the man behind the bar Steve – such a cool dude.


I got to give it to this guy and Trevor for always having the best parties in town from the Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve and St. Paddy’s day!

Steve and I taking a selfie!


And the night got so awesome I forgot to take more pictures.

So if you ever down town you have to make it a MUST to visit this PUB right in the heart of our Isla bonita.

I just want to wish LOLA’S PUB a happy birthday and want to thank the staff for always making me feel welcomed.


Thank you Steve, Trevor, Raquel, Jean, Norvel, Mrs. Sherlette and Lorna you guys are the perfect Family .

Before I forget who the hell is LOLA if its not Steve’s middle name? A Victoria’s Secret crush?

I will leave you there. Easter Advice:   drink champagne, Grey Goose and wearing big sunglasses make you look hot!

Blessings FIN Kardashian.

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