Alice Needs a Ride, Henry Needs a Home: Dog Walking at SAGA Humane Society

Yesterday I walked over to SAGA Humane Society to meet up with Alice aka Caia aka Coconut Gial.   I had met her a few months ago, during The Great Sargassum Outbreak (Sarmaggedon 2015) on the beach.  She wanted to play fetch the coconut with every single tourist that went by.   For a dog with some years on her…and clearly MANY litters behind her…she had so much energy and spent half her day in the water.

I called her “Sargassa” in that blog…but then, it was a post devoted to the sea plant.brindle pittie pugIf there ever was a dog that looked wise beyond her years, here was the dog.  I returned two days later to find her.  I actually got quite a few emails about this girl…speculating on her breed (pit/french bulldog?) or people saying that they had spent an hour with her on the beach…playing fetch the coconut.   They always tired before she did.

But she was gone.  I asked the beach rakers and people selling jewelry and they said they had seen her go off with a Canadian couple.

A few days ago (and 3 months later), I was contacted by a woman in Alberta, Canada.  Who had visited.  Fell in love with Alice’s personality and wanted to bring her home.

But Alice had tick fever and heart worms…and needed to recover for a few months.  So I stopped in to check on how she is doing…and to find that she is ready to fly to Canada!

Oh but first…a new load of puppies that they received…looking for homes.


Dogs are so hard to photograph!

Alice is now living in Fort Dog, the shelter for older dogs waiting for adoption.

I met beautiful Luna….waiting.  Still a puppy, she is…exuberant!  And beautiful.


And heartbreaker Henry.  He has been at Ft Dog since March 2014.  He is calm and LOVING.  He just wants to lean into your legs…or when you bring him to the beach, into your lap.  I would take Henry in a heart beat.  If my three cats wouldn’t murder me in my sleep.

IMG_1508 IMG_1510

SO so great on a leash.  No jumping, no barking…just a serious booty swing as he moves along.  Work it Henry.


The leaning…OH HENRY!

Alice was excited to get out too.  And walks beautifully on a leash.  But she is not for adoption.  She already has a home waiting for her in Alberta!  Chasing geese instead of coconuts?


She took me back over to the Humane Society where she just wanted to lay under the computer desk (after a good petting) and moon over Ingrid – SAGA’s manager and one of the island’s hardest working women.


Her new family is waiting for her…and is looking for someone who is headed back to Alberta in the near future.  She is ready to fly to her new home.   She absolutely adores being around people and I think a bit lonely in Fort Dog.  No one to moon at.

Please let me know if you are making the trip.  Her owner will pay all the fees, she just needs a companion!  Please send me a message at [email protected]

And I apologize for all the horrid pictures but dogs!  Jeez.  They just won’t stay still!  You get…

IMG_1458 IMG_1456 IMG_1469For more information on SAGA Humane Society and the great work they do, check their website.  And if you are on the island, stop in…mid-mornings are great.  And take some of these guys for walks…they absolutely LOVE IT.



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