San Pedro Belize’s 2015 Lobsterfest Gets Even More Creative With Lobster

Ambergris Caye’s Lobster Festival is no longer the new kid on the Belizean block.  This was the 9th Festival in San Pedro – so we are now the slightly more mature kid on the block.  And each year, the players may change a bit but the food gets more creative and the crowd gets bigger.


Placencia’s is going strong with th 17th Annual Festival this weekend and Caye Caulker (only 20 mins away) is celebrating 21 years next weekend – I shall see you there.

But last night was the final event in the week long San Pedro Fest and restaurants, vendors, musicians and tons of people gathered in Central Park to celebrate it.


It was nice, this year, to start out with a display by the new San Pedro House of Culture to remind us a bit of the serious fishing culture that helped build the island (and Belize) over the years.


From left:  Felix, Brenda and Mito


T-shirt and hats for sale.


The SAGA Humane Society selling brownies.


I was a bit early and went around to take pics of the booths and the menu…before the hungry hoards arrived.

Caliente Restaurant was serving early and big plates of chunky lobster dips looked divine.


Pirates Treasure was doing LOBSTER pierogies.  How delicious!



Maresha, the chef, cooking them in plenty of butter and onions.

IMG_1762Ramon’s Village and Pineapple Restaurant’s tent was looking gorgeous but no one was there.  I was early…


But later that night it was hoping.

IMG_1828Colleen and her friend from Rendezvous Restaurant posed for a quick picture before the madness set in…

IMG_1715One of my FAVORITE groups in Belize – Panerrifix – kids steel drum or steel pan band.  They play mostly modern music and there is no way to wipe a smile off your face when you hear and see them play.

IMG_1724 - Copy

I first take this good picture because my video quality seems to be circa 1952.  But playing “Rude” by Magic!  Super cute.

Estel’s was doing their first booth ever and…it was awesome.  Plus, they won for best drink – their Red Wine Sangria.  The judges were RAVING about it.  “Best sangria they’ve ever had in Belize”.  Lucky for us, it’s on their menu.

IMG_1734 - Copy

And later…the eyes were flashing.


Super cute visiting couple – I crowned them Lobster King and Queen.



Toys being sold…cute old school horseys…


Balloons and pinwheels…


Elvi’s Kitchen was setting up under the big palapa.  YES!  Cheesecake.




Chef Jennie Staines hard at work…

IMG_1780 - Copy

No seriously.  Cheesecake with lobster IN IT.


Gorgeous sisters…Miss Susanna and Miss Shelly.

IMG_1773Still circling around…Rendezvous had set up this table.  To cook your own skewers!


IMG_1795 - Copy


Paul from Caye Coffee GRACIOUSLY letting me take his picture in his lobster beanie.   He was mid-rolling his eyes at me.


These guys enjoying lobster tails…



And these lovely and exceptionally intelligent ladies promoting Coral Reef Camp.  They (well not THEY…but Smith College) has been running this environmentally geared camp in San Pedro for years.  And they are fellow alumnae!  (Yes…we did a group hug.)

Me, class of 1995 (20 YEARS AGO!), them, Class of 2015.  Sigh…

IMG_1740 - Copy


They later busted out the games.

IMG_1786Miss Michelle Nunez, our gorgeous Miss San Pedro, posing with just about everyone.

IMG_1739And it’s just not a party in Belize if you don’t have the WALL of deafening speakers.


The crew from Casa Picasso…getting ready pre-rush.


Ready to send out Lobster Corn Bread Pudding…yum and their very famous BUTTERY lobster sliders.


Di V’u at Wet Willy’s Dock had an amazing line-up…and later, when judging, they served my (tied for) favorite plate.

IMG_1749 - Copy IMG_1748 - Copy

Pineapple Restaurant’s Lobster Dukunu and Bacon Wrapped Lobster bites were my other favorite.

IMG_1753 - Copy

I got to taste them all!  Oh?  Didn’t I tell you?  After SWEARING I would never help judge again (after last year’s 16 dish lob-straveganza), I…come on!  I’d be a total ingrate to say no.

I’ll burn off the butter and lobster calories in…4-6 weeks.  No biggie.

The runners for the six judges…cute kids.  And awesomely hilarious to hear them describe the dishes.  I know at the other end the chef would meticulously describe the nuances of their creation.  It was like a game of telephone.

IMG_1777 - Copy

And I had mentally coached myself.  ONE BITE ONLY.  But I couldn’t do it…my plate from Ramon’s.  This dukunu…sweet creamy corny bread wrapped around lobster and steamed.  Too good.



I ended up changed them to a 5…and so it began.  I know I am garnering ZERO sympathy.  But THIS is a ton of food!IMG_1802


Joe and Mary (from the San Pedro Sun), two of my fellow judges.  I think the idea of 10 lobster dishes + 10 cocktails (many CONTAINING lobster) was starting to weigh on Joe…

IMG_1805 - Copy IMG_1807 - Copy


Lobster corn pudding from Casa Picasso…and more and more and more.

IMG_1821 - Copy

And an EXTREME close-up of the winning dish from Elvi’s Kitchen.  A Chaya Tamalito with Pork Belly and Lobster.

IMG_1824 - Copy

The beautiful San Pedro Dance Troupe getting ready to perform…



And later more music…including Supa G.  Who is simply incredible live.  If you don’t know his music, check out this Belikin commerical.  Killer 49 seconds.

And I’ll stop there…almost.  SUPER fun time.  And I hope to see you all at next weekend’s Caye Caulker Lobsterfest and next year in San Pedro.

And just a few more pictures.  Super fun night…and great music.  GO PANERRIFIX!  I am your #1 fan.


IMG_1751 - Copy


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