Mymula Ceviche and A Film Star: Lunch at Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar

I have walked past it 1000x but just recently, I’ve been asking around town about THE BEST CEVICHE.  And Hurricane’s CEVICHE Bar keeps popping up.

Oddly, though, they have been around for about 5 years now, I’ve never eaten there.  But yesterday, with the sun out and the breeze blowing, it seemed like a perfect time to visit.  PLUS, it’s fly season here on the island.  Wait…they don’t mention that “season” in the visitors’ guides?

House flies galore…just for a few weeks…best to eat in the breeze.  You will see clear plastic bags filled with water hanging over fruit stands and eateries.  Apparently the fly sees his reflection GIANT and is scared off.  Even MythBusters and investigated this common practice.  It ain’t just a Belize thing.

Here’s a photo of Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar from a few years ago.  Remember the days without sargasso seaweed?

no sargasso

We were there to try the ceviche…and eat lunch and enjoy the breeze…and bartender Josh is a bonus.

If headed there by golf cart, best to park at the very south end of Front Street and then head to the beach.



We walked in to Josh strumming his guitar.  His white teeth, his puka shell necklace, the guitar,  his telenovela looks…


Ha.  It’s like you just walked onto the set of Blue Crush 3.  Josh also happens to be super nice kid and a great bartender/waiter who strums some top 40 hits while he’s not mixing drinks.



Known for their ceviche, they have the full line up.  SADLY, conch season ended early this year (June 1st rather than July 1st).  But MYMULA was on the menu.


Horse conch rather than the usual sweet pink Queen conch.   Locally called mymula – they have a longer thinner shell and the meat is tasty but a bit different.  A bit tougher…and a bit less sweet.

Horse conch shells from

Horse conch shells from

We ordered mixed ceviche – mymula and shrimp – and some fish tacos.  And got PLENTY of food.  I took a walk up the stairs to take a picture of the view.

IMG_1852 IMG_1854

Our ceviche arrived and Josh warned us about the “Belizean cherries” – the habanero.  I need no warning.  Just touching one to the ceviche liquid is enough heat for me.


Gorgeous ratio of vegetables to meat.  And totally delicious.  Mmmmmm…is this as good as Lily’s?  I don’t know.  All I know is it is damn good.  And I’m going to have to go back to both places and try again.

OR…I could wait for others to decide?  There is a ceviche competition at this weekend’s fishing tournament/rodeo.cclob6We left full with half of our very tasty fish taco order to go.


I’d totally recommend trying them out.  Say hi to Josh for me.

Tee hee.


Plus, I just love saying Mymula.

And check out this National Geographic video of a hermit crab taking on an 11lb horse conch – good mollusk drama.  But maybe you don’t want to watch right before you eat it.

OH!  And one more thing…they have some excellent signage in the men’s room.  Men are funny.


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