SAGA Humane Society & Estel’s BBQ: Perfect Together

Last night, the SAGA Humane Society and Estel’s Dine by the Sea teamed up for a beautiful fundraiser on the beach.   Estel’s is usually closed on Tuesdays – but the whole crew was there to help and support SAGA.


Estel’s, open from 6am to 5pm, with breakfast all day and lots of other delicious menu items isn’t open at night.



And it looked absolutely gorgeous.  What a fun place for a party…and an evening wedding reception?  Just throwing that one out there…


The breeze on the beach and the clear sky…perfect for BBQ on the beach.


But let me back up.  We had purchased two tickets for the big event BEFORE I left for Michigan.

IMG_4290And FAMOUS BBQ it is…you can read below of Charles’ prowess on the grill.  And the international competitions that have been held at Estel’s to name the world’s greatest ribs.

charlesThe ladies of SAGA were there to greet and collect the tickets.  It’s a great group.



Some very generous businesses had donated the raffle prizes.  Ultimate Cart Rentals.  Marbuck’s Coffee Shop.  The new Stella’s Smile.  Black Orchid Restaurant and Toucan Gift Shops.

saga2The band was playing some folksy music…I’m a total sucker for a ukelele.

IMG_4300Even Coconut Leo was there to support the cause with a little entertainment.  Like climbing up a totally vertical tree.  Go Leo!

IMG_4294 IMG_4295 IMG_4296


The crowd on the deck…


Super fun night…and GREAT food.  Delicious fish ceviche.


And the barbecue…oh MY, the barbecue.  Sausage and tender brisket, ribs and chicken and the most delicious beans.  A thick flour tortilla and grilled veg.

IMG_4314Great night.  And pulled off without a hitch by the fabulous Estel’s team and the SAGA volunteers.

For more information on SAGA and the amazing work they do, check out their website.  And stay tuned for their next event.

ALSO!!!!!  CODE RED CODE RED!  Estel’s Dine by the Sea is closing for vacation for a month.  They are open the first week of September and then closing.  They will be closed until the first week of October.  You only have a week or so to enjoy the food and the view.  I suggest you get yourself over there soon.


For an updated list of Slow Season Closings, check out Bob’s blog for the FULL SCOOP.










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