Fin Kardashian Takes SouthEast Asia 3.0: Chiang Mai, Pai and Lots of Elephants


Hello World,
From Beautiful Thailand, Sorry for not blogging any Kardashian Scoops lately but being on the road for the longest makes it really hard to blog. Plus I had been twerking while it was raining and I got really sick. Currently in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is north of Thailand on the way to the Laos border – it’s freaking far. The first thing that I want to do is Sleep been on a over night train ride and it was COLD and bathrooms smelled like HattieVille – got my own bed lots of tourist heading to Chiang Mai which is a city rich in culture.

Left Bangkok at 4pm to arrive at 7am. Traveling with 2 friends from the UK, Yasmin and Sam, and Beth and Grant are there already. Am so excited yet YAWWWWWnnnnnnnnnn Tired.  Found a cute hotel with a large pool for 400 Baths a night like 11 USD.




A walk around the old city…chang6 chang7 chang8


Jean Decides to go to the Elephant Nature Park, this park is a rehabilitation and rescue centre for elephants that have been abuse. The money collected is used to buy food and keep the rescue expenses to date.

So Cute we need elephants in Belize. Imagine taking one out for a swim by Boca del Rio Park….tejjejej chang11 chang12 chang13

Jean is not tired so tonight we decided to go Clubbing.  O’ boy, First we need to hit H&M at the mall before we hit sky top bars to our favourite CLUB YET!


Let me tell you about “Zoe In Yellow” – its a FUN and the BEST in Chiang Mai.   We have been going here every night of our stay. We were even invited to celebrate their 6th anniversary this night was just out of this world…too many buckets of DASH- Dash is Vodka + Diet coke. 0 Calories 0 sugars 0 Hangovers yet the makes you have the time of your life. Our friend Grant and Beth met us there, Sad part about some Thailand’s night life is everything closes at 11:30pm every night, maybe Thai people don’t like hangovers and call it and early night. I need to have a word with the King.   Early night for Fin Kardashian No no no no!!

Whatever you do don’t do SPICY Late-Night Club.  Lady boys are tooo radical…

chang15 chang16 chang17



Time to sleep and pack leaving to PAI in the morning.

PAI:  “The City of pie is as a loving slice of Pie”- Finn K

This is a total hippy “HIPSTER” town. seemed like everyone was locked in the world of Marijuana, LSD and Black Opium. We got in the late evening me and Jean decided to walk while we waited for our friends Maggie and Melissa, Maggie is from Argentina and I am digging her latino accent and Melissa Is from Peru. Finally four Latinos. we took a walk along the street and OMAYAGAD they have food from all over the world Mexican loaded potato, Lasagna, Greek and Arab food, wood carvings, paintings and drugs. the night was boring, but calling it a early night was a good thing.


art work is very weird….like living on LSD


Melissa wakes everyone up to go rent scooters. Holy Shit – this was the worst idea ever, The prince of Belize on a scooter all I could think of are scratches on my whole face and body scraped, for 100 BHTS…Like $5.00.  So they took us to a scooter ring to practise HOLY SH*T laughing my guts off, my friend Jean got off on the wrong foot, it was like if she was riding a wild bull at the rodeo and then Melissa ends up in a pile of mud.  Maggie nailed it as for me all I could do is scream like princess, they guys were laughing so loud at us we cancelled this event.


That didn’t stop our day. We headed to the canyons and the waterfalls. Hired a taxi to take us up the hill, lucky thing we didn’t do the scooters. would have rolled the curvy highway like a ball of butter.


For our last night in PAI – lets just say I won’t do it ever again. Some dude offered me and Melissa to join them at the CIRCUS hostel for party. The party was great.  I occasionally enjoy listening to hippies singing in a Kumbaya My Lord circle to Bruno Mars and the never ending marijuana smoke. -_- They got so stoned that we had to walk miles back to down town. But that’s just another adventure to add to the Kardashian shenanigans. Well that’s it from here can’t wait to tell you about Laos…


Stay tuned!



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