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Spices in San Pedro’s Central Park – Ricky’s Spice Shack

I actually noticed the business a few months ago on Facebook – Ricky’s Spice Shack.  Super cute logo, name and header…

spice shack

They also have a website with recipe and spice using tips and on-line ordering.  Interesting…

But it wasn’t until I saw on Facebook that they were going to be in San Pedro, that I took much interest.  In fact, I had gone right by Central Park to Lily’s to get lunch and wait for the water taxi up north.

The view from my seat was not bad at all…


And then I saw their post…and I finished lunch and walked right back.  Ricky and his crew were just putting things away…to take some time off during the height of the sun and the heat.  He said they planned to set up again at about 4pm today and be in the park again tomorrow.

Rubs and spice mixtures and marinates….


I wish I cooked…all of it looks like it has promise.  You can sniff and taste from the jars.  Here’s Ricky…


And then purchase in the smaller bags…I bought two.  I do love a curry and though this one was $11.50bzd, he assured me it was for the delicious saffron.

Of course I pick the most expensive one they have.



And the smoked citrus salt just sounds good.  Ricky suggested it for fish, shrimp or lobster.  I enjoy everything in this blend.

I’ll let you know how they turn out…and if you want to check out these spices mixes and condiments and rubs, check him out in the park or on-line.

And help support a Belizean businessman!


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5 thoughts on “Spices in San Pedro’s Central Park – Ricky’s Spice Shack

    1. ricky's spice shack

      Goes well for grilled pork ribs
      The flavor profile of this blend gives just the right amount of sweetness and you’ll certainly pick up a delightful balance of heat from the chipotle and the black pepper. The heat is not overpowering.

      Granulated honey, smoked apple wood sea salt, California paprika, garlic, onion, chipotle powder, black pepper and chipotle flakes.

      –How to use–
      As a rule of thumb you should use about 1 tablespoon of dry rub per pound of chicken or pork ribs, for fish use about ½ that much to start. You can season both pork and chicken jn the refrigerator for 8-24 hours to allow the seasoning to work its way into the meat before smoking or grilling. For fish, let the seasoning sit for 30 minutes to 2 hours before cooking.

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