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Before 10am in San Pedro: There’s A Ton Going on in this Town

I was up early today – I won’t describe why…it just had to do with my dog & some cat poop and…that’s enough said.  But it certainly was an early morning Halloween trick.  Best to get up, do the laundry and get some distance from the situation.

First, while driving south, I ran into a 5k run.


I drove to the finish line passing runners and walkers of all ages (very carefully).   Liliana, my crossfit coach who JUST HAD A BABY 6 MONTHS AGO, came in 1st place for women.  And Jose, my friend from class, came in 9th overall.

Nice work guys.  Especially for 7am on a Saturday morning.


I hightailed it over to the beautiful Phoenix Resort to help with their weekly 8am Saturday beach clean up.  I love that they have been doing this for months.  Employees, volunteers from the high school, owners at the resort, who ever wants to help…


Gloves and trash bags are provided.  And I will admit…my hands now feel baby soft.

The beach right now, though, has been hit with a huge onslaught of bits of plastic and styrofoam – all that looks like it’s been in the water a very long time.  (The photos that I showed yesterday from up north are more bottles…) Our crew of 7 or 8 was no match for it.  It’s the worst we’ve seen in many months.

We did our best and filled lots of bags.


This is going to need the town workers – with rakes and bulldozers.

We made our way just beyond Central Park – where the town workers were preparing for a UDP political rally.  Beers and music.  The band Gilharry 7’s bus was there…

IMG_6480 IMG_6481

Back to the clean-up – the brisk breeze today was a relief.

On the way back, we ran into these ladies (and then later more by the bridge) collecting for a very good cause.

IMG_6482 breast cancer

We then stopped into San Pedrano Store on Front Street for delicious paletas…one kiwi, one strawberry & cream, one chamoy.  (Word on the street is that they had PB&J flavor this week!)

In Wikipedia, Chamoy is described as “Chamoy refers to a variety of savory sauces and condiments in Mexican cuisine made from pickled fruit. Chamoy may range from a liquid to a paste consistency, and typically its flavor is salty, sweet, sour, and spiced with chiles.”.

No bueno.


I back tracked a bit to see some of the set-up for the BIG Holiday Hotel party tonight.  The Halloween bash that lasts until the wee hours of the morning…

IMG_6484 IMG_6485Love little batman posing with this head.
IMG_6488 IMG_6489

I headed back home…there was LOTS of clean-up to do and I need sustainence!

My friend from the post office.  Able to sell me some delicious $9bzd BBQ AND tell me that I have a postcard waiting.  Love it.


Which I am enjoying as I type…


The drive up north was lovely…breezy and sunny…and at my turn-off…the one for Mata Grande Grocery store (about 4 miles north)…someone was moving a shed onto their property.  Huh…


I hope you all enjoy the beautiful day and night.  It looks like no rain for Halloween!  And for San Pedro?  That’s a great thing.  Enjoy.


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12 thoughts on “Before 10am in San Pedro: There’s A Ton Going on in this Town

  1. mysteryboy

    you are aware that your PM is giving an 8PM speech at Central Park, prior to visiting the HH Halloween Party, right?

  2. TarheelBornGal

    I wish I could have run that 5K. Then I could tell everyone I’d run a “marathon”. 🙂 Oh, and I believe I have been there, done that on the dog/cat litterbox thing while staying at my mom’s with Paisley. I feel your pain!

      1. TarheelBornGal

        Oh. Ick. That’s a bit worse than our experience. Paisley buried her “fakin’ bacon” in the litter boxes several different times and each time came out with a faceful of kitty litter that I had to wash off. Whether she sampled any “snacks” while burying, we don’t know, but I have heard it’s a popular treat. UGH.

  3. marysaunders

    Ha, ha about the dog. They do this because cat digestion is so fast that not much actually gets digested. Anyway, that is what a doc bird told me. I have not heard of it hurting a dog. It’s just gross.

    1. Belize Blog

      Beyond gross. But poor kid was literally starved for months…hard to get mad at her when she eats a 5 day old dead fish or iguana…it’s just the BARFING that got me. Bad 🙁

      1. marysaunders

        Yeah. Cats do it too. I hate to tell you all the places I have found cat stuff. At least it usually has enough hair that it kind of comes up in clumps, especially after it dries. If one has animals earth or concrete floors are good. Cats just climb more, and that can be really inconvenient.

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