My Week in Belize on Instagram

I still love Instagram – I can post snapshots during the day that would have nothing to do with a blog and I can follow people from around the world, viewing Petra or climbing to Macchu Picchu or stomping down the runway in Alexander McQueen or just spending their days at uber-luxe Cayo Espanto just a  mile or two from here.

If you are not a follower – here are some of the very cool things I’ve seen this week – from others and from me.  If you’d like to sign up or you are already on it, here’s where you can find me.

Here you go, a bit of a pictorial hodge-podge.

I can start with photos from my day in Belize City.

IMG_4167 IMG_4198 IMG_4309

And one from Belikin Beer – on the deck at Spoonaz Cafe…


And then back to home base…Ambergris Caye.  THe weather…and the paletas from San Pedrano store have been spectacular.

Pina Colada flavor.


Conch season opened October 1st and I’ve enjoyed it many ways.IMG_4193

IMG_4262 IMG_4271 IMG_4195

The water slide in progress at Caribbean Villas Resort.  In slow October, this is BIG news.IMG_4197

The view at Lily’s while eating conch ceviche and the best fried fish on the island.  Yum.


IMG_4237One of my favorite selfies of all time.  Love it @passportjunkies.IMG_4206

Breakfast tacos and watermelon juice at Neri’s.


Central Park…I think the Palapa is going to come down (hearing no Palapas in town center!)…


And free wi-fi gave me time to play around with some photos of vendors trinkets…1 hour free, up to 100 users.  It’s actually pretty strong.IMG_4255

I took a seat in the shade by this guy.IMG_4244

And the view down the Front Street.

A hearty lunch at my favorite RiceAndBean-aria.  Briana’s Deli.


I enjoyed another strawberry paleta waiting for the water taxi north.


Sitting in the shade at Cholo’s Bar.IMG_4289

Some animals north…

IMG_4300 IMG_4306

And now to Caye Caulker and other…

The sunsets this week have been beautiful…an orange glow over the whole horizon.

Captured gorgeously by @notesonabigworld in Caye Caulker.


And the view down the main road on the little caye.  Oh @cradleofmisfits.


And then three favorites…none of them mine, but all amazing.

A magical manatee by @brettmonroegarner.

IMG_4307 This impressive collection of sealife at Caye Espanto by @nicoleisaacsIMG_4283 And a photo that makes me very glad I’m NOT a fish.  By @howIwishIwasaFish


Not bad for a week in Belize in October.

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