Pedro World: A Large Water Slide and More Coming to Caribbean Villas Resort

September and October are often the times when resorts do some clean-up, maintenance and upgrading.  Passing by on the water taxi yesterday from Belize City – I noticed that Caribbean Villas Resort, just south of town, is doing some serious work on their dock and on their beach.

One thing stood out to me in particular…so I had to stop by.


See what caught my eye?  The strange “look-out” tower that’s going up on the end of the dock.

I got some photos from all angles before moving in for some information.


As you get closer, you can see the beach being reclaimed, lots of sandbags and guys in the water – which appears to be getting much deeper.



Okay…enough dancing around…out to the dock I go.

IMG_5531 IMG_5532

So to me it looks like a bar and a…hmmmm.  I asked the construction worker – who gave me a “uhhh….duh” look.  It’s a water slide.

Interesting…I continued on my walk to town, errands to run, people to chat to…

Here is the word of the street on this project:  Yes, it is going to be a water slide and no, though the work under the palapa LOOKS like a bar, it is merely a spot to sit around and enjoy beers or cocktails (that will be purchased or delivered from the Amber Beach Bar), it is NOT a bar.


The water slide idea in Belize is not a new one.  There is one just out of Belize City at Old Belize that looks like this…MUCH taller.  I saw it during a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally.

water slide

And Sandbar Restaurant and now restaurant/bar and hostel, had planned a water slide and were then denied permission.  The sign still stands…


Water World.  So…let’s get back to Pedro’s World.  (Peter aka “Pedro” is a owner of both Pedro’s Inn and Caribbean Villas Resort.)

I hear that they are going to have this water slide, a water trampoline and more water toys.  And that you can buy a bracelet for the day…to use the “rides” as often as you want.  Perhaps at a price of $20-25bzd.  OR…if you want to go on the water slide, you will be charged a per ride fee – perhaps $5bzd.

There will probably be a security guard regulating all of this.

I shuffled off (I often shuffle) with lots of thoughts.


Aren’t piers in Belize public? – does that include the entire structure?  I lifted this from a post on the message board.

Ministry of Natural Resources & The Environment.(Below are Excerpt’s From an actual (sample) pier permit). As far as public access goes, “The public shall have access to the pier at all Reasonable times”. “No gates or barrier structure shall be placed on the pier”.   Also, “Piers are a “Privilege” to erect a structure on National Lands and does not confer ownership of the structure nor an interest in the land (seabed)”.

Interesting.  But then I also thought that if a resort uses chairs or umbrellas on their beaches or piers, they do seem to have the right to call that private property and restrict use to patrons.

All I know for sure is that it is going to be something to watch a security guard turning away the kids of San Pedro from this attraction – the phoenix on the horizon – something many only imagined in their dreams.

What do you think?

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