The Road North: A Market, The Beach Basket, Fills a Big Void

This blog seems to be getting a new theme.  Pave road on North Ambergris Caye and businesses start to pop up to service the residents and the many hotel rooms that existing and are being built.  The bulk of new construction, right now, is at Grand Caribe Resort (which is putting in a new 5 story building on her north side)…


…and the massive Venezia Del Caribe (just north of Coco Beach Resort).

I’ve highlighted Stella’s Smile and The Truck Stop (both on the lagoon side between Palapa Bar and Ak’Bol Yoga Resort…

Here’s a map…maybe it helps?

Now there is a supermarket!  The Beach Basket has opened at Grand Caribe Resort…on the south end – first floor under Rain Restaurant.

Grand Caribe is one of the biggest, if not, THE biggest resort on the island – with over 70 rooms and growing.

grand caribe

Here’s a look at the market – which is open but still growing.  Mike, the owner, is calling it the Soft Opening.


I know what you are asking…how much is a Belikin?  Hang on…I’m getting to that.

(For those who haven’t been here YET – Belikin is the beer of Belize.  Sold everywhere.  From as low as $2.75bzd at supermarkets in town to $5bzd at your average bar to $10bzd or more at swankier bars.  It gives you a sense of a place’s prices.)

Let me show you around.   It looks beautiful.  Granite counter tops…SERIOUS refrigeration…and a really good selection with more to come.

More signs are coming in soon.



Mike is still deciding the proper use of this section…prepared foods…or sandwiches…or both?IMG_6567 IMG_6568 IMG_6569

They carry Reinland beef – from the Mennonites on the mainland of Belize.  It’s supposed to be the best you can get in this country.  From bacon and sausage to steaks.   I’ll have to test it out…IMG_6570

And fish.  As it says on Beach Basket’s facebook page, in Belize, you need to “know a guy” to get fish.  They just happen to know a guy…and they have vacuum packed the fish for you.


There will be lots more in the fridge/freezer section including delicious Belizean ice cream by the pint.

IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6578 IMG_6579

So…we are at a high end resort, this place looks gorgeous and there’s a high-end restaurant above…surely the beers are…at least $5bzd, right?

Wrong.  Mike knows this is a supermarket for everyone (not just resort folks) and with the road, “town” has expanded.  With a golf cart, the next market (Village Supermarket) is only about 5 minutes away heading south…


Regular Belikin.  $3bzd!  Hurray!  And my beloved Coke Lights only $2bzd.  The average price in town.

So now we have a handful of grocery stores “ova di bridge”….Village Supermarket just as you get over, the Beach Basket at Mile 2/Grand Caribe Resort and then Mata Grande Market at 4 miles north.

Beach Basket is open 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm.

San Pedro Town just keeps growing…

Any guesses as to what’s next?



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