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A Preview of A New Business On The West Side of Ambergris Caye – or ELSIE’S FIRST BOAT RIDE!

Found in Dangriga and nursed by the Hopkins Humane Society, Elsie made her trip to Ambergris Caye just over a year ago – THAT was technically her very first boat ride.   At the time, she had four legs…one badly infected (though we didn’t know how bad).

Yesterday, we took her on a boat ride north and west on Ambergris Caye.  On a boat named after her – her Yiddish name – Ester Gittel.  (She also has a native American name:  Lone Running Leg, a San Pedrana name:  Elsa Paws and a Spanish name:  El Cee.)   Her “breed” has even been identified!  She is a three legged teacup Great Dane.


We were visiting Jeff’s new venture – Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – about 10 miles up on the West Side of Ambergris Caye and things are coming along beautifully at this remote spot.   Here’s a map of where it is…a beautiful piece of artwork done by Bill Specht.  (Here is my post about the artist.)

farm & fly

And this gorgeous lino-cut which will be the logo from Bad Axe Designs.


Good stuff.

cayo frances

And here are pictures from the day.  Elsie is well on her way to being a boat dog.  And the ride up, being there at the farm and back…absolutely spectacular.


Else and I wait as our boat is prepared!


Hurray!  Gorgeous GORGEOUS as we head up to the cut in the island – and to the back side.

IMG_7681 IMG_7682 IMG_7685 IMG_7688

And out into the beautiful west side…sargasso free…


And what I was seeing through my brand new Polarized glasses that I got CHEAP!  Check out how cute they are…I went for the coconut style.


And into the small lagoon where the farm is located.  About 9 miles north – 5 miles north of Grand Belizean Estates.

It’s called a farm because it is all black soil…with fruit trees and plants that normally do not grow easily on the caye.

Pulling up to the new dock…


A look back over the lagoon…shallow…and you can see the tarpon rolling….


A main house…and three small cabins.


And the view.  In front…


And to the side…a few acres of farm land.


Elsie approves.


And there is more to come.  A fire pit for S’Mores.   An outside kitchen.  A GORGEOUS place for fly fishermen or nature lovers to overnight and get out fishing early…whether from the dock or with their guide.  Or just to kayak over to one of the sandbars and enjoy the beauty of the “other side of Ambergris Caye”.

Solar and an RO system (for fresh water) are installed. I can even get internet.  WOO HOO!

A few hours later we were off.  Chef Jeff – the owner of this awesome spot, Edgar, one of the caretakers and Princess Elsie.


I think she is liking life as a boat dog.


A sparkly day as the sun was setting and we headed back into town.

IMG_7759 IMG_7762

And dropped Edgar off at the gas station on the lagoon.  He had a boat to catch to the mainland.

IMG_7765 IMG_7768

The perfect day for Elsie’s first boat ride.


And a wave to a gentleman fishing in the mangroves.


More information coming in the future about this new spot.  Things should be ready in a few months.  Trust me, I’ll let you know 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Preview of A New Business On The West Side of Ambergris Caye – or ELSIE’S FIRST BOAT RIDE!

  1. TarheelBornGal

    That looks like a great spot! Glad Elsie (and you) got to have such a fun day on the boat. I’ve never even heard of a Teacup Great Dane, but that kinda cracked me up. That’s a BIGGGGG teacup! 🙂

  2. SPmQQse

    i personally think that it is terrible to burden an already troubled pup, with such a derogatory name as…’elsa paws’….obviously referring to that terrible san pedro mayor , of the past.
    that poor pup must just cringe, as many do, at the mere sound, of that similar sounding name.

  3. Susan

    Loved the Christmas ornament….bet you could sell them on line…Great Dane people would buy them in a heart beat…especially if they were black and white (a.k.a. Mantels) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Belize Blog

      They are awesome, right? Poor Heather was doing for charity and is SO good…that next year? I bet she gets 100s of dog photographs. I love that ours is three legged…and she did Elsie’s special halter. Too cute.

  4. Chris

    Are there crocs in any of those canals or around the mangroves?

    That is one of my few concerns about moving down there, since I have a little furry guy who loves paddleboarding. We have them here in the Keys, but mainly in 3 concentrated populations. It’s pretty rare to see one outside of there.

    Just trying to get an idea of if there’s more of them down there or if it’s pretty similar to here.

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