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What A Glorious March Day on Ambergris Caye. Period.

Yesterday’s post got a bit heavier than expected so today I’ll just keep it to the GLORIOUS WEATHER.  Beautiful sparkly, breezy but not too breezy, low seaweed/sargasso perfection.

The view through San Pedro’s largest church – the Roman Catholic Church on Front Street.

0315 (1)

I was having lunch at Fido’s and as I cut through Central Park, I saw the fishermen out on the municipal pier.  Back from conch fishing (the season ends June 1st – but often earlier if the quota is filled) and displaying the empty shells.

Can’t walk right past that.


And then just the gorgeous shells.  I asked where they were finding these big conch.  I know that the shores of Ambergris Caye are pretty much (sadly) picked clean.

They go out to Turneffe Atoll and beyond.


That pink may be my favorite color.

FullSizeRender (1)

The entrance from the beach to Fido’s…a look out at their dock AND where I will be subwinging tomorrow.


And the look down to Amigos Del Mar…


Subwinging you ask?  Yes!  This was just filmed a few weeks ago here in Belize with Belize Parasail Ltd.  I hope I don’t need to dig my subwing out of the sand.

I’ll be heading out tomorrow morning…wish me luck 🙂

I drove north along Boca Del Rio and passed a new bar.

IMG_1242I love the new signage.

0315 (2)

And then over the bridge.  Sigh…what a gorgeous day.


I think it’s time to….


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7 thoughts on “What A Glorious March Day on Ambergris Caye. Period.

  1. Linda Young

    One day, when the conch divers were cleaning their catch, one of them let out a shout! He had come across a GORGEOUS CONCH COLORED HUGE PEARL IN ONE OF THE SHELLS HE WAS CLEANING!!! YES! That is my favorite color too!

  2. SPmQQse

    that subwing thing ,does look like fun…but i can see it causing troubles with marine life….,just from that video.
    be careful .. have fun…. good luck.

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