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Low Tide and A Perfect Day on Ambergris Caye

Rhode Island or “Lil Rhody” is the smallest of all the United States.  At 1,212 sq miles, it’s not really an island at all but it has a ton of coastline.  And there is a favorite t-shirt that just might be issued to all residents at birth…

You see it everywhere.


Yesterday, with the sun shining,  a cool north-east wind blowing and late a new moon, the tide was WAY out and the beaches looked wide and beautiful.  I’m guessing Ambergris Caye had Lil Rhody well beat.

Central Park, San Pedro, Belize
Central Park, San Pedro, Belize

So much so, that as we ate a very late breakfast at Estels by the Sea…

0406a (6)0406a (2)0406a (3)

Old sign on the ceiling.0406a (4)

0406b (2)…we watched a mono-hull sail boat get their keel stuck in soft sand within the reef.

0406 (4)

It was tugged free in about 10 minutes.

0406 (5)

And some pictures as I walked off the water taxi dock.

0406 (1)

The former Lick’s Restaurant has been sold and changed to Dock’s.0406 (2)

0406 (3)

And then some pictures later that day.

0406a (1)

A dog enjoying the view at SandBar in Boca Del Rio.0406b (3)

And some high school students throwing the javelin, shot put and discus on the wide beach.  Who knew?

0406b (4)

A stop at a local fruit stand on the way home.

I love the effort for the banana piles.  5 for $1bzd and yet someone takes the time to arrange them.

0406b (5)

And then this odd plant.  I bought a bunch last year…and was told to fry them with eggs…but it didn’t work out just right.  And I can’t remember at all what they are called.  It’s almost like a wild corn…

0406b (1)

So there you have it.  Proof, I think, that Ambergris Caye was about 5% bigger yesterday.


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13 thoughts on “Low Tide and A Perfect Day on Ambergris Caye

    1. Belize Blog

      Ha. Yes. A really beautiful day. I love the tiny tiny nuances – yesterday a few people remarked (both local and visiting) what a gorgeous day it was. A little change in the breeze, a miniscule drop in the humidity…it was something.

  1. rjhawkins

    I must have been shadowing you! I watched the javelin throws for a while then went over to the produce stand and bought bananas on the way home. I remember when Rhode Island’s extra 3% mean good quahogging in the mud flats! And clamming on Cape Cod.

    1. Belize Blog

      I was reminded of it this morning when I read the NY Times article on their marketing snafu…Rhode Island: Warmer and Cooler. PS. Mmmmmmm…fried clams.

      1. Jim

        Fried Clams; stuffed quahogs; smelts and snail salad (conch). My mouth is watering. In a few weeks I’ll be back there and all four are on my list. Maybe even have a clam boil. (easy version of a clam bake)

  2. mysteryboy

    That (former) Licks property changes names more frequently than some people change their underwear!

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