San Pedro High School’s 2016 Science Fair Totally ROCKS!

I have no personal experience with science fairs…I’m not sure that Ridgewood High School, NJ even hosted one.  But I feel like I’ve been to a bunch…”Saved by the Bell” and “The Wonder Years”,  the bubbling volcano on “The Brady Bunch” and “The Simpsons”.


Here’s something I didn’t know…the science fair at San Pedro, Belize High School is a HUGE DEAL!  A day off from school…seriously decorated booths and a theme.  This year:  plants.  Groups of six high schoolers with a hypothesis, testing and then results and presented to the public in a catchy, engaging way.

sf (7)

Great shirt.

sf1 (2)

sf (1)

I was invited by High Schooler Becca Barkhouse (whose booth happened to win!) and was AMAZED by what I saw.

SF2 (4)

Team Lemons.

sf (5)

A team tapping into the recently touted healing abilities of the soursop leaves.

sf (6)

The scariest fruit on the planet…the noni fruit, or the morinda or the eyeball fruit.

sf (3)

Noni juice has long been used in Belize to cure all sorts of things…

sf (4)

sf1 (1)

Apparently, something called sorosi has incredible cleansing properties.  De-lousing and such.

sf1 (3)

Go ALOE MAN!  A plant super hero.

sf1 (4)sf1 (5)

NEEM!  It’s EVERYTHING in India – in toothpaste, shampoo, acne medication…everything.

sf3 (4)

Team Watermelon had my favorite shirts…but then I love watermelons.

sf3 (3)

I’m guessing there were 20 booths?  Maybe more?

sf3 (1)sf3 (6)The judges!sf3 (7)

One of my favorites – they had signs all over town.  Clever.  Electricity from limes.

SF2 (1)SF2 (5)

Making perfume through steam distillation and marketing with romance.

sf3 (2)

And marketing through chocolate…smart.  Team Strawberry.

sf1 (6)sf1 (7)

And our winners!  Team Noix de Coco.  A bit of French…for coconut.

SF2 (2)

sf3 (5)

And REALLY good products…delicious lotion and lip balm made with coconut oil and real bees’ wax from Corozal.

SF2 (3)

LOVE IT!  Go science!  Go San Pedro High School.  And thanks Becca for the scoop.  I would have never known…

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