A Trip Up To Camp: Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – Dogs and SUPs

Yesterday I headed up to camp.  The almost-open Cayo Frances Farm & Fly Fishing camp on the leeward side of the island.  Not just a farm, not just a fly fishing hang-out but a beautiful spot for reading, camp fires, hammock lounging, sunsets, star gazing, S’mores and now SUPs and kayaks.  (My overnight trip.)

Oh yes, and happy dogs.

Camp4 (3)

Here’s how my day looked.  It was hot, hazy and a bit windy but the water was crystal clear as we went from the ocean, through the cut and into the mangroves right behind town.

Camp4 (1)

We headed back to the leeward side of the island.  Dotted with little uninhabited cayes…

camp7 (1) camp7 (2) Up past “Secret Beach” and passing the gorgeous sand bars to a little cut in the mangroves- an entrance to the huge Cayo Frances lagoon.

laguna cayo

Camp6 (3)

You head through a deep channel of blue blue water.

Camp6 (2)Camp6 (1)

A little fly by from a vulture.

Camp5 (2)


Camp5 (3)


It’s a slow move across to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.  There is construction set to be done on the berm.  A word I needed to look up.

Berm:  a flat strip of land, raised bank, or terrace bordering a river or canal.

Camp5 (5)

We pulled up to the dock and unloaded. And I went over to admire the new paddle boards and kayaks.  And they boards to admire…good grief they are gorgeous.  Made by the company, Boteboards.  Many set up for fishing…some just for paddling.  What a super fun way to go out into the lagoon or out to one of the sandbars for lounging.

Camp3 (6)Camp5 (7)Camp1 (7)

Camp5 (1)

Crazy beautiful.

Camp (6)

As is the rest of the camp…in my estimation.

A tobacco plant growing in the black soil.

Camp1 (2)

The main house, the outdoor kitchen and behind it…

Camp5 (6)

Camp (2)

And three cabins.  Bonefish, tarpon and permit.

Camp1 (5)

The view from the berm.

Camp (1)

And a view from the main dock behind it.

Camp1 (3)

What a pretty day…especially from this position.

Camp4 (2)

Things are shaping up QUICKLY around here.  The camp even has an instragram account now.  BIG TIME!

Stay tuned for more…


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