Dry Ambergris Caye Really Does Rock With Steve Miller’s Band “Abracadabra”

Yesterday the island was waiting for rain…some of us anxiously.  Those with low or empty cisterns, stinky wells and gasping plants.  There was also a big concert/fundraiser event scheduled for South Ambergris Caye – some members of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame “Steve Miller Band” – were performing.  On the flip side, they were definitely hoping for NO RAIN.

Let me cover both topics – the second one came as a total surprise since I wasn’t exactly an original ticket holder.

Steve Miller Band - Ticketed Attendees Only

Yesterday I woke up to clouds…very pretty ones.  But the storm seemed to be to the north and the reports later in the day confirmed.

Morning June 3rd.

satellite image

And yesterday, June 4th afternoon.

412pm Saturday

Yesterday morning’s view to the south…

View down the beach to Xtan Ha San Pedro Belize

And Elsie running to me for a MilkBone.

Elsie running down the beach North Ambergris Caye Belize

To the north…


We had about 5 minutes of sprinkle…I’m not sure any made it into the cisterns or to any plants roots but it sure felt great.

The plants that do not seem to mind are the GORGEOUS flowering trees especially the aptly named flamboyant trees…in every shade of orange, they are SOOO beautiful.  Here are two just south of Victoria House, about 2 miles south, Ambergris Caye.

Gorgeous Flamboyant Tree South Ambergris Caye San Pedro BelizeFlamboyant Tree BelizeAbra2 (4)

And right across the street, at Mahogany Bay Village, current and former members of the Steve Miller band were performing – a fundraiser for the South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch.  In all honesty, I wasn’t planning to attend…I LOVE STEVE MILLER…ahhhh…the greatest hits were a huge part of my college years (1991 to 1995) but the tickets were pricey.

But I got LUCKY!  As I was headed north to buy groceries, I met a friend who had an extra VIP PASS!   WOOHOO!  In what were basically pajamas, I jumped into her cart.

VIP ALL Access Steve Miller Band Belize

And here is what we found…

Charles from Estel’s pretending to scalp his tickets…I think he was pretending.

Abra (4)

Belikin Tents and Crowd at Steve Miller San Pedro BelizeAbra (5)Abra1 (2)Abra1 (1)

They were doing tons of Steve Miller’s biggest hits…Jungle Love, Abracadabra, Fly Like An Eagle…and a sprinkling of others…Doobie Brothers and even Purple Rain by Prince – a close friend of one of the performers.

They sounded great.

Abracadabra Band Mahogany Bay Village San Pedro Belize

I took a walk around Mahogany Bay which is always growing.  It was turning into a beautiful evening.

Some huge royal palms have been planted in front of the Great House – the venue for the Inspiration Center fundraiser on June 18th.

Abra (6)

Abra (7)

Abra1 (7)

There were quite a few police and military guys as security…I can guarantee you that this crowd was NOT going to get rowdy.


Median age…53ish.

Abra1 (8)

I must give an award to the most excited fan…this guy.

Abra1 (3)

Abra1 (6)Abra1 (5)Abra1 (4)

I left as the sun was setting…singing along to another hit that was just starting up.

“I brought you a crate of papayas…that waited all night by your door”.

Super fun surprise but now it’s time to get dinner.

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