A Trip to The Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island Plus Bird-Mania

The Belize Zoo is one of my favorite places in the world.  Up close experiences with animals native to the country – and Belize is blessed with AH-MAZING animals.  From jaguars to scarlet macaws, from ocelots to tapirs to harpy eagles.  Total animal awesomeness

My boyfriend Carlos the puma.


And me celebrating Jr Buddy the Jaguar’s birthday.  Kids must be entertained!

jr buddy me

I have not been to THAT many zoos.  Bronx Zoo for sure.  The zoo in Washington DC and this one…in Providence, Rhode Island – the Roger Williams Zoo.

The kids learn to respect animals, to think about the world outside their home state or country, to think about endangered creatures and how we can help them and to learn.  I think it’s a good thing.  Here are my pictures from the zoo day yesterday.

I met a whole bunch of animals that I’ve never heard of…skink?  Binturong? Muntjac?   The auodad.  Clearly the zoo is not just for kids.


And I think I want an otter.  Oh wait…you are not supposed to get that feeling from the zoo.  Dang!


Let me just hit you with the photos…

Zoo (4)

The cheetah…behind thick plexiglass…pacing and eyeballing me.Zoo (3)

Almost everyone was busy eating.

Zoo (5)

Zoo3 (1)Zoo3 (5)

Pulling hay from the barrel.Zoo3 (6)

And lots of human food…

Empanadas but not like I’m used to.  No bueno.  But love the truck.

Zoo1 (2)

Can anyone bring me one of these machines?  You could basically name your price – kids are HYPNOTIZED and will beg for them.
Zoo2 (3)

Zoo (2)

Now it was time to enter the special Australian bird exhibit.  Limited numbers feeding colorful birds.

Zoo2 (1)

Cockatiels, superb parrots and budgies (or parakeets).  Super fun but a bit much for this non-bird person.

Zoo2 (6)

Zoo2 (2)Zoo (7)Zoo (1)

Zoo (8)

Back outside…phew.  ONWARD!

The camel was taking a lunch break from his riding station.

Zoo2 (5)

The dromedaries were resting…

Zoo3 (2)

The others are favorites.  Super playful and cute.

Zoo1 (1)


Off to find the creatures of…Belize and…

Zoo1 (3)

Zoo1 (4)

A giant anteater was doing his thing.Zoo3 (3)

Good good times.  And man…what a beautiful vacation…the kids, the gorgeous weather…the FOOD.  But tomorrow I fly back home.  Back to Belize – and just in time for the LOBSTERFEST BLOCK PARTY.

See you there.

And let me just for one second give a word of thanks.  That we do NOT have the Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroach here in Lil Rhody or in Belize.  PHEW.

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