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This, That and a Bit of Complaining on Ambergris Caye

Things around here are feeling back to normal…late August on Ambergris Caye.  Hot days, hot nights, a bit of rain and…from my perspective more tourists than usual.  I do not work in a bar, restaurant, hotel or at one of the airlines so I have no numerical proof.  But my guess is more – I’m seeing large groups of young people around the island, more people getting off the water taxi with backpacks.  You let me know if you agree.

FullSizeRender (59)

Earl is definitely not going to hold us back.  Many docks are still in need of repair after Hurricane Earl but much of the town is back to business as usual.  And it feels good.

Here are some snapshots of the gorgeous weather this week.  We did have a few rain showers but man…pretty.  And thank GOODNESS for the breeze.

FullSizeRender (58)

Farmers’ Market:  Today from noon to 2pm is the wildly popular Farmers’ Market at the Truck Stop.  From fresh bread to pasta to pastrami to wine, expect it to be packed.  And for me to be grabbing at Sue’s boules and Ian’s smoked reef fish.

Tacklebox:  After 2 years of being closed, the 2nd oldest bar on the island is re-opening.  Big Daddy’s is the first.  The famous Tacklebox then Shark’s Bar then Tacklebox now Island Tackle.  I managed the place for 3.5 years (OY!) late 2007 to mid-2011 and now it has changed hands after a lawsuit…

Ahhh…the memories.  Supa G performing at about 2am sometime in 2011.

Supa G sometime in 2011
Supa G sometime in 2011

You can check it out on their new facebook page Island Tackle Bar and Grill (or check out the old one…yikes!) for all the information.

Blackadore Caye EIA Meeting:  As many people know, Blackadore Caye, the long slender strip of an island, has been owned by a group  that includes Leonardo DiCaprio for a few years now.

Just this year, after deciding against a Four Seasons Resort, they announced that they would be developing the caye.  They have announced the project as “green” and “restorative” but they are also making it a place where people will purchase vacation homes and stay in high end hotel rooms.


After the first Environmental Impact meeting in January and some controversy, there is 2nd meeting – with changes to the plan – this week.  August 24th at 6:30pm at the High School.

There are some very tricky issues.  Among them…all beach in Belize, 60 feet, is considered “Queen’s Land” and is public.  Will it be on this island?  Is it on other private islands now?  Should it be on an island that is wholly owned by a person or a group?

This area was just designated “protected” (Zone V) as part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.  A conservation zone.  What does that mean?


There is also an EIA out there for a sewage treatment plant on North Ambergris Caye – you can see the whole list here.  That, seemingly, seems placed in a protected area as well (Zone F).

I visited Blackadore Caye in May of this year – it’s absolutely beautiful…and pretty barren.  Here’s what I saw and what my thoughts were.

Rubbish on the Road

Hurricane Earl passed just a few weeks ago and left many docks tilting or downed completely.  He also knocked over trees, scattered branches and debris, many beach front businesses and home owners have had lots of clean up work to do.

BUT, drive north on the road.  Many places are just dumping yard debris and trash on the side of it – often on land, sometimes in the water.  (Along with the litter that is there already.)  So many people are now renting golf carts to access their resorts north and…it’s looking like a total mess up there.

I know it’s not productive to complain without a solution but, for resorts, isn’t it in your best interest to have your grounds looking clean and well maintained?  One both sides of the road?  Perhaps resorts could sponsor clean-ups (like they do in Cayo along the Western Highway).  Nice signs that say – “This stretch of road is kept clean by the We Love Ambergris Caye Resort”?

Just a thought…it’s odd to watch tourists turn out of beautifully maintained $350US a night resort and immediately see a pile of that resort’s trash.  ESPECIALLY when it is burning…

Burning Garbage

I understand, especially after the storm AND as a mosquito repellent, the need to burn branches, leaves and yard debris.  But again, drive up north.

There are resorts burning trash – including plastic, trash bags, everything – right there on their property.

  1.  It stinks.
  2.  It looks disgusting.
  3. It doesn’t encourage me to follow the signs that you have on the road to your restaurant.  One bit.

Given that there is reasonably priced pick up by water, twice a week, or it can be trucked to town, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to throw it in your backyard and burn it.

That’s all from me today 🙂  Have a good day.

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12 thoughts on “This, That and a Bit of Complaining on Ambergris Caye

  1. SPmQQse

    ”truck stop”—-in my residential neighbourhood…….humbug…!!!
    well…i guess the law…towards burning garbage…doesn’t apply to rich foreign owned resorts….has SPTC/B …gotten a ”PAY-OFF”…. to allow that ….?
    lets face facts…foreigners who own resorts are only in belize to get as much money as they can from belize, not to be stewards of the Belize’s ecology.

    1. blancojoe

      Moose Breath…apparently that “natural cleanse” has left a lot of residue in you. Give it another shot…and another…and another….Lay off the fiber and goat cheese. Just fast for about a month….no two…and keep working on it. Have a great one, M.B. !!

      1. SPmQQse

        speaking of…”.another shot…and another…and another” ….
        since the LGBT decision…i have to wonder, how many people , ” has left a lot of residue in you.”

        1. Belize Blog

          May I make a request. The LBGT decision was a huge step forward and important…please stop joking about it. It’s tasteless and not all that sensitive.

          1. SPmQQse

            and yet the whole controversy….is a ‘joke’….!
            to me.. and most of the world, hopefully.. it should be a non-issue.
            as for…politically correct…politically sensitive…….guess who doesn’t hold those two terms with endearment….!-[?]

          2. Belize Blog

            I’m not sure why being sensitive to the feelings of others is now a bad thing. I get making rude/crude jokes with friends at home…sure…why not? But to strangers on a blog? Don’t get it. But whatever. Live and let live. Right?

  2. ct

    So sad to hear Trash is or has become issue in such Wonderland of Belize.
    Such a plague on America, consider the source.

    2013 I visited Ireland. No trash anywhere did I see. I asked my driver about that and he said typically pretty free of any trash around. He told me of time the Government paid some amount money for every shopping bag turned in. He said the shopping bags were quite an issue but folks cleaned up their areas and their act. I see too many shopping bags in USA discarded here and there.

    America is mostly quite dirty in places of the masses. Disgusting at the least.

    Please wake up all about trash and proper disposal. Burning it is not a real good idea of course. We do that in Texas in rural areas. I burn tree limbs/Palm Clippings about twice/year. Man those Mexican Palm trimmings have a “peculiar” smell!

    Mosquitoes—-Get some Bifen (Bifenthrin). Chemical that mixes in water and sprayed in yard. No mosquitoes for about a month. Ratio is about 1.5 ounces per 2 Gallons water+small amount of dish washing soap(helps it stick) Rain can wash it away so have to re-apply. Not good for animals, Dogs/Cats/Kids to contact after spraying. Allow to dry couple hours after spraying. Don’t let it get into any waters where fish/wildlife live. Bifen kills so many types of bugs so great for home extermination efforts also. Termites! Crazy Ants! All sorts of nasty bugs=Dead.
    Cost in Texas about $60/Gallon. About $25 Quart.

    Get your Neighbors using it also and you can be mosquito free at home. Mosquitoes are territorial and do not travel far. Your mosquitoes are yours and your Neighbors are theirs. Of course they do not abide by property lines so occasionally some will trespass.

    Bifen….Read warnings as it is strong and dangerous. It takes something strong to kill some monsters Ya Know?

    Take care all in Belize!

  3. Bruce P

    Trash is one of my pet peeves, if you want to call it that. I cannot understand people who do not process their trash responsibly. What would be most interesting to me would be a list of businesses that burn ALL their trash. Then l would know who and who not to support. Belize is such a beautiful country, let’s keep it that way !

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