Elsie Goes For A Spa Day: Dog Grooming at Pampered Paws

I have a dog and her named is Elsie.  She’s a hero.  After spending 3 or 4 years in Dangriga, neglected (at best) and starved, she now lives with us in San Pedro.  She has doubled in weight (literally), had a fully infected leg removed, has been identified, by us, as a teacup Great Dane and has the best temperament of any human or animal I’ve ever met.  She now lives in a state of pretty much full blown adoration.


Two boats are named after her.

For her full story and some before and after photos, you can check “Elsie’s Story”.


Else has a pretty short coat…but she was smelling a bit…gamey.  She’s a serious licker.  We called Kathy, Belize’s very own dog whisperer, and set Elsie up for a grooming appointment.

Kathy was born and raised in San Pedro, works tirelessly on the board of the SAGA Humane Society, has received tons of training in the states and around the world and loves animals.

If you have visited San Pedro, you have absolutely seen Kathy and her crew.  Sometimes driving in a golf cart that looks like this.

Dogs at complete attention.


Or like this…


But there is a whole shop called Pampered Paws.  Located on Middle Street San Pedro, the crew does groomings, dog sitting, short or long term boarding, training and tons more.

But let me gush about Elsie.  She was off for a spa day.  The before pics.


And after the golf cart ride to town…


A bit suspicious of our motives.


But willing to give it a try.



Why are her feet wrapped you ask?  Is she a thoroughbred?

Well, we like to think so but one of the habits Elsie has from her former life is chewing off her nails.  If she chews one down to the quick, it’s time to wrap.  (Fascinating, eh?  Sorry…but like many crazy dog owners, I know think each nuance of her life is worth talking about.)


A quick look around the shop…


Toys, specialized food, leashes, costumes, collars, cleaning products, litter…all the things you need for your well cared for pets.

Now to the back room…where one dog was finishing her blow dry.


Elsie got her ears cleaned.  Very well needed.


And into the tub.


Leashes and harnesses all arranged for the dogs.


Gracie was up on deck…


And with a quick toweling, blow dry and a jaunty neckerchief, Elsie was ready to hit the streets.  Do a bit of prancing.


We said good-bye to super cute Mellow who was in doggie day care.


And headed out.  Flea bathed and sweet smelling.  Sparkling clean around the chops…for now.

For so many cute pictures of the dogs (Kathy does an AMAZING job posting pics of your pet while you are away), check out Pampered Paws website.

Thanks Kath.  Elsie says she will be back.


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