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Running Errands On Ambergris Caye – There is No One Stop Shopping

There are many reasons that the closest Walmart to where I live is in Mexico.  Belize is a small country and the import duties are high to very high- it makes no sense for the big chain stores to move in.

Well…not really 😉

The new "Sub-Away" on Caye Caulker
The new “Sub-Away” on Caye Caulker

And here on Ambergris Caye, K-Mart.


So I wanted to give you a look at my daily list of errands – and how they get done.  Ordering on the internet isn’t really an option (LONG delivery time + duty applied) and drive through just don’t exist.  My trip to town (7 miles now) starts out something like this…

List clipped into the steering wheel on the golf cart.

Two days ago and yesterday.


I must stay “on list” but often I forget a few, add on a few and spend a good amount of time just chit-chatting.  It’s the best way to get the scoop.

My errands now include a bit of provisioning for Cayo Frances Farm & Fly which has a full December of welcoming guests.  And some fundraising efforts, including #DollaADive, for  Woohoo!

First, I stop by our fence to examine what I first thought was watermelon planted by Hurricane Earl (our yard TOTALLY flooded and who knows what floated it)…

2 weeks ago.


NOW.  Canteloupe!  I think.


On to town.


First stop…a stop at Belize Chocolate Company to pick up some samples of new tea.  I am a HUGE fan of the chocolate tea.  With a bit of milk and sugar, it tastes like heaven.

Potential new flavors:  Chocolate-ginger and Chocolate-hibiscus.

Tea at Belize Chocolate Company

Next the pharmacy/lingerie store for gauze and medical tape for Elsie.


Around the corner for dog food at Pampered Paws.


And across the street, I took a picture of Papo’s Art shop.  Super colorful.

errands-3A meeting at the Mayor’s office for and then across the street to one of my favorite spots, Rubimoon.  They have a new shipment…and I tried on a gorgeous stack of rings.  I will not show them to you because they only have one set…and man…I might have a fundraiser to buy them.

SUPER cute kids clothes.  I want these pants in my size.



Then I was back to the Thunderbolt Water Taxi.  My friend and artist Chuy had done some great paintings of the Belize Flyfishing Grand Slam.  Bonefish, permit and tarpon.  He sent the paintings over, I picked them up and sent the payments back to his home in Sarteneja.

He has a Facebook page and to say that his art is reasonably priced is AN UNDERSTATEMENT.



I passed Jaguar’s Night Club…and there is a new jaguar!  Apparently his eyes light up at night!


And Santa is there right in the middle of the road.  Santa!  Your language!  You’d better figure this out before Christmas.


A quick stop at Ramon’s to drop off a #DollaADive box.


And then to the gas station…air is needed in the tires and gas in the tank.


A quick stop at Briana’s for stew chicken (LEG!) rice and beans to go.  The special, Cowfoot Soup, is on the very short list of things I don’t love in Belizean cuisine.



A stop on Back Street for bandanas.  For some reason, I can go from 10 to 2 in a few weeks.  I need to carry one every day.  Sweat, wiping golf cart seats after the rain…a napkin.  The list goes on.


And then over to Tropic Air cargo…to send my glasses to the City and to pick up a package.  The newest Caye Boy book.  If you haven’t seen the first two, you must take a look.  My nephews love them.


Luckily, this spot wasn’t on my list…but I do like the sign.


Time to head home with all my bags.  I’m really trying to bring re-usable bags with me.  But I ended up with some plastic.   If you haven’t seen them, these bags from Blue Water Grill are so fabulous for shopping.  SUPER STRONG, super cute and practically indestructible.


I came to a screaming halt when I spotted contraband.  Mexican avocados.  YUM!


And then over the bridge…part of my nosiness and information gathering.  Across from Reef Village there is new construction.  I asked a few questions and heard it is going to be a 5 story resort??!?!?!?!

Oh jeez.


I pulled over at the beach just north of Costa Blu Resort and sigh…


This puts things into perspective.

So about 4 hours round trip…and I unpacked my lunch at home.  A morning that made me feel extremely industrious.

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