To Market, To Market: My Weekend on Ambergris Caye

Monday morning…sigh…I can relax a bit.  Saturday and Sunday, both, were filled with errands.

Since Cayo Frances Farm & Fly opened just a few months ago, quite a few of my hours are spent provisioning for Jeff’s spot.  (Jeff is my boyfriend)  So far, I have added a few titles to my CFFF business card – Head Baker, Agrarian Director, Chief of Provisioning and Social Media Director.

Not all that odd since this is his card.

Cayo Frances Belize business card

My titles have a bit more gravitas.  Just the way I like it.

If you haven’t seen “the Farm”, you can check out this amazing video and the photos taken by our friends at Boteboard.

So…there was quite a bit of shopping to be done over the weekend.  (Here’s a photo of the loaded cart on Sunday morning on the way to the boat.)


And while stopping at the fruit stand, the grocery store, the butcher, the specialty meat shop, two more grocery stores, the hardware store, at a friends’ to pick up ginger flower plants and a hermit crab in need of relocation, we fit in some of Saturday’s markets on Ambergris Caye.


Here’s what I saw.

First stop was the Valentine’s Craft Market at the Truck Stop.  The restaurant cat, Dinner, was fast asleep despite the hub-bub.

Good girl.



Gifts for your pooch.sat4

Great jewelry and art and snacks…


And a book recently released by an island resident!


“A Wager of Wills” by Samantha Alchin.  I have not read it yet but I just downloaded it on Kindle.  Check out Samantha’s story and her book on her Amazon page.

Then various stops through town and south – we stopped into the Market Day at Mahogany Bay Village.  I haven’t been to the location in a few months and, as usual, I was dumbstruck.


I usually have too much to say about everything.  Mahogany Bay Village – the scale, the rapid rate of construction, the grand design, the affiliations with Coastal Living and Hilton Hotels – it all leaves me a bit speechless!

Just beyond this gate is…


…what promises to be the second largest town on the island.  Easily.

It’s hard to believe this spot is on Ambergris Caye.  Marina, conference facilities, new sushi restaurant, gym, fly fishing shop, chocolatiers, salon, bagel shop, deli,  resort, homes…

Each time I head back all sorts of new businesses are open and the list keeps growing.

The new Japanese restaurant opens in a few weeks.  And like the rest of the property, the motto seems to be “Go Big or Go Home”.


Two floors that, though still under construction, are going to be absolutely stunning.


The Great House is…HUGE.  And the pool in the back is now open.


One of many pools planned from MBV.


The front porch.


I took many pictures but you are going to have to head back there on your own.  It’s all hard to summarize…

So that was my weekend…I hope you, too, had a good one.

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