Get Out Your Calendars: The Spring & Summer Festivals of Belize

Belize has seasons.  In fact, we have more seasons the average place.  When it comes to weather, we have winter (cooler & dry) leading to the Easter winds, the weather gets warmer and rains lead into storm season and…repeat.

But we also have “Busy Season” and “Slow season”…”High Season” and “Low Season”.  Busy lasts from Christmas to, in my estimation, the end of May…and then slows down to the end of August.  September, October and November are the doldrums…the slowest of the slow when it comes to tourism and the money that it generates.

And I’m going to introduce a new season – THE SEASON OF FESTIVALS!  When things slow down a bit work-wise, as the weather gets warmer and the kids start to get out of school, it’s time to celebrate in Belize.

And I can think of no better time to visit.  When a village is celebrating what it does best…what it loves most…

Here is a schedule for the upcoming FESTIVAL SEASON:

The National Agriculture & Trade Show, Belmopan, April 28 – 30th

The “Agric” or what I call The Belize State Fair is the largest gathering of the year in Belize.  The entire country floods into the national fair grounds on the edge of Belmopan for a GIANT “state fair”.  Carnival rides, animals, a rodeo, fair food, loud music, beers, DJs, cooking competitions, flower shows, vendors from all over the country selling their wares…

Every room in the area is sold out.  The buses are PACKED.  And the heat?  GOOD LAWD!  This may be the hottest day of the year.  Every year.  But MAN is it fun.  You’ve GOT to do it once…

For more information on the Show, check out their facebook page.  Check out the time I went in 2012.  Or my experience in 2014.

The Chocolate Festival of Belize, Punta Gorda, May 19, 20 and 21st

The district of Toledo in the far south is the CENTER of Belize’s chocolate industry.  See it grown, learn how it is harvested, grind your own as the Maya did (and still do) and then eat and drink CHOCOLATE.

It’s SUCH a gorgeous part of the country – and the street festival showcasing the chocolate and the music of the area is awesome.

Make sure to visit Maya Bags in town (LOVE), the beautiful Maya site of Lubaantan and the ultra cool EarthShip nearby

Check out my experience in 2014.

Next up, Hopkins Mango Fest, Hopkins Village, June 3 and 4th.

Have you ever dreamed of walking down a road littered with mangoes?  So many that you could even begin to eat them all?  No?  Really.  That’s strange because I think about that ALL THE TIME.

The world’s most delicious fruit (sorry cherries) is celebrated in a town that is COVERED in mango trees.

Chefs and bakers, jammers and picklers are all out selling all sorts of mango deliciousness.  And unlike lobster*, you can’t make a bad mango dish.

Check out what a good time I had in 2015

IF YOU CAN, visit nearby Miss Emma’s Farm.  She has the best mangoes that I’ve ever tasted in Belize – and so many that she tells you to take as many as you want.

*I never want to see a lobster cupcake or a slice of lobster cheesecake again.

This takes us right into the beginning of LOBSTER SEASON IN BELIZE.  June 15th…


San Pedro:  June 15th to 24th.

Placencia, June 23 to 25th.  For information.

Caye Caulker, June 30 to July 2.  For information.

I’ve attended all of them – for highlights, check out my posts below.

And though there are more…taking it thru to the grand-daddy of festivals on Independence Day – September 21st…I’ll end it with a new one for me.

National Corn, Coconut & BBQ Festival!  Corozal, July 14 to 16

All I can tell you is that I hope to attend this year.  Corozal is the only larger town in Belize where I’ve never overnighted!

That must change.

Happy Festival Season!  I hope to see you all in Belize this spring and summer.

And to help along with planning, feel free to pin this post.

Spring and Summer are such great times to VISIT BELIZE - it's time for FESTIVALS! Chocolate fest, mangoes, LOBSTER and more...

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