San Pedro, Belize’s Busiest Thoroughfare: A Stroll Down Front Street, Part Two

In my last post, I started the walk down…actually UP…the busiest street in San Pedro, Belize.  Officially named Barrier Reef Drive but ALWAYS called Front Street, the main avenue of town runs parallel to the ocean and parallel to the barrier reef.

Moving South to North, yesterday we stopped at the town hall.  Right next door is the Spindrift Hotel – best known as the home to Caliente Restaurat – when you are craving great Mexican food and margaritas on the beach – and the CHICKEN DROP!

The view from the top floor of the Spindrift.

And then the easement to the beach and breakfast paradise…breakfast ALL DAY paradise, Estel’s Dine by the Sea.

Now, we are at Central Park.

Across from Central Park is a property that I’m a little bit obsessed with.  It’s been there for decades and has recently been updated and opened as a hostel.  Hostel La Vista.

The proprietor is Maria Parham and the property has been in her family for YEARS.  You can read this AMAZING history of the original settlers of Ambergris Caye…it starts with this intriguing sentence. “In the middle of the 19th Century a former Prussian Officer, a Von Ohlafen, claimed ownership of Ambergris Caye, apparently by “Squatter’s rights”.”

The hostel is on a huge piece of land right in the middle of town.  And here stands this beautiful tree.

Okay…it doesn’t look like much…and I’ll admit to taking the photo a bit late in the season but at her best, she is covered in giant pink pom poms.

Most were on the ground already.

I THINK it is the provision tree.  And, like most trees in Belize, has many many uses.  “Poor Man’s Chocolate”.

From the cool new addition (and gift) to our Belize reference library…

Trees of Belize.

The yard is looking so great…as is the building after years when very little was done.

Hostel La Vista Ambergris Caye Belize

And back across the street.

Now right next door to Hostel La Vista is Jaguar’s Temple Nightclub.   Always a classic photo – standing in the jaguar’s mouth.  This year, this spot got a groovy new neon paint job.

To me, there is groovy neon and then there is just ugly.  So I’ll pass right over the clock tower.

Across the street is the Catholic Church.

Inside is quite simple but man…what a view.

Just a few steps north and we are at one the biggest and most popular bars on the island, Fido’s.  Pronounced FEE-do-z.

Just across the street is a brand new restaurant called Maxi’s.  It’s just opened as a (my words) gastro-pub-mojito-eatery.  AND IT’S #1 ON MY LIST RIGHT NOW!  The menu is designed by Chef Jennie of Elvi’s Kitchen and Maxi was Ms Elvi’s now deceased husband.  It can only be good.

Just beyond…Belize Food Tours (SUCH A FUN THING TO DO IN SAN PEDRO!) and the Lions’ Den.  Home to BINGO.  A not-your-typical-Friday night activity.  Also home to lots of wedding receptions and Quinceaneras.

A view from across the street.

And while we are over there…Mannelly’s Ice Cream shop.  SO super cute.

Right across from Mannelly’s is the new Lavish Habit coffee shop.

And then this cute house and fruit stand.

And then back across the street the very small grocery store – San Pedrano Store.  I mention them because they sell one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Regina’s palettas.  $2bzd for hours of coolness and happiness.


Regina's Paletta San Pedro Belize

And then this pretty colonial looking building on the corner…just before Belize Bank – the largest in town.

And down to the end of the street…look down the alleyway to the right…it leads to the entrance to the old San Pedro cemetery.

And this view as the easement leads to the beach.

So there it is…beginning to end on Front Street.  Just look past the heavy golf cart traffic and there is so much to see.  And lots of super interesting history there.

I need to do more of these neighborhood walks.  I enjoy them 🙂

Any suggestions on where to go?

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