San Pedro, Belize’s Busiest Thoroughfare: A Stroll Down The Front Street, Part One

There are three main streets in San Pedro down on Ambergris Caye Belize.  All were given prettier names a while ago – for example, Middle Street is called Pescador Drive – but they are almost ALWAYS referred to by the original monikers.  Front Street, Middle Street and Back Street.  Easier and almost impossible to confuse.  We even have a Back a Back Street (the street that runs behind The Back Street) but let’s focus on the MAIN STREET for now.

Front Street runs along the ocean front.  When I first moved here about 10 years ago, it was still a sand street but that has changed.  Cobblestones came…and more visitors found out about our amazing and quirky little island and things grew.  And keep on growing.

As with many busy popular tourist towns, the main street became more busy and more expensive…and some homes and smaller business moved away…

Now, I’ve heard Front Street referred to as “Real Estate Row” – and that is true to some extent but there is more.  Some things right out in front of you…and some a little more hidden.  There is also a whole lotta real life.  Kids going to school, parents bring them lunches, families in the park, our local newspaper at work, second floor homes decorated for holidays, kids’ paint handprints from February’s Carnaval…

Here is my walk down Front Street San Pedro.  Let’s take it from South to North since this IS a one way street (though not marked as such)…

We start at the sign above.  Just a stone’s throw (if you have a great arm) from the air strip where most visitors arrive.

This is down a little dead end street with the Roman Catholic School on one side – and the candy dealers on the sidewalk.

Peek inside the open gate to see this sign.  I LOVE THIS SIGN…if I was king, it would be EVERYWHERE!  What a great message for the kids.

Favorite lunch and dinner spot on the beach is right there, Wild Mango’s.  And right next to them, the Belize Chocolate Company.  Mmmmm…

Let’s cross over to the next block.  Do not be intimidated by all the golf carts parked there.  This is the main business street!

You will pass Ruby’s Deli and Celi’s Deli – both very popular breakfast spots.  I love Ruby’s for the cakes and I LOVE Celi’s for breakfast.  Get there early to get the best johnny cake on the island.  Before 9am for two johnny cakes – ham and cheese.

A muscle cart.

You will pass the Holiday Hotel – the oldest tourist hotel in Belize.  The birth place of Belizean SCUBA diving.  50 years on the island.

Painted handprint #2 🙂

Make sure to look up…many families that have been here for decades live upstairs on the busy street.  This week, some were decorated for Palm Sunday.  San Pedro’s roots are very Roman Catholic.  We will pass the main church in just a bit…

It’s also a great street for flyers.  You get a surprisingly amount of information about upcoming events the old fashioned way in San Pedro – work of mouth and flyers stapled to telephone poles.

Here’s the 2017 Belize Tattoo Expo.  I’ve attended twice before.  2014 in Belize City where my friend got a FOOT tattoo.  And 2016 at the SP High School Auditorium.

There are quite a few gift shops…

Toucan Gift SHo

Stop lollygagging!

One of my very favorite shopping shops is RubiMoon – great clothing for little girls and women…and I LOVE THE JEWELRY.  Stop in for a look.

Just north is some new construction.  Stalls for food vendors?  Gift shops?  We shall see…

Across the street is the town council and many of the local government offices.

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