Fun Afternoon of Mothers’ Day Shopping in Belize City

Yesterday I hopped on a late morning water taxi –  headed for Belize City.  Mirab’s – the department store of Belize – was having a Mothers’ Day event and I thought I’d get there a tad early and walk around the area.

The store is OH SO conveniently located just 164 steps (exactly) from the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi.

In my last 10 years on Ambergris Caye, I can’t say that I’ve done a ton of shopping.  For food, yes (I even wrote about that) but other things?  Not so much.  But for the first time in my adult life, I am not RENTING (here in Belize many rentals come furnished) – and so it’s super nice to get out shopping for pretty home stuff.  AND it’s SO nice to have the things you want all in one place.

Let me show you what I saw – somehow, in only a few hours, I took about 150 pictures.  Here are just few…

The store is located in the historic area of Belize City called The Fort George Area.  It’s where the cruise ships dock…and I’d reckon the prettiest part of the city.

The Baron Bliss Lighthouse.

I watched people posing on the big rainbow letters.

And around the corner to Mirabs.

They were having a Mothers’ Day event – snacks, sangria and the store looked gorgeous.

REAL flowers that they were raffling off at the end of the party.

Totally love the paper flowers as well…

And an area set up for moms.  Fill out your wish list and…perhaps leave it on someone’s desk?  I set about picking my items.  Not sure I’m going to get them all…but browsing hurts no one.

I ALWAYS end up getting kitchenware – they have the good stuff when it comes to baking pans and utensils…and almost always cheaper than what you can find in San Pedro.

I needed some beach towels for the camp…

A crazy impressive selection of things for babies.

I totally stick with white dishes – and the selection is HUGE…from classic restaurant ware to more modern stuff.  But then it’s nice to have color – and I bought this SUPER cute set of 6 tiny bowls for $16bzd.  What am I going to use them for?  I have no idea!  But they make me happy.

This website has 10 uses for mini-bowls.  Problem SOLVED.

And then my list of things that I DIDN’T buy but totally wanted.  What 43 year old doesn’t need metallic temporary tattoos!

I LOVE these pink flower balls…

I picked these baskets up quite a few times…towels?  Books?  Super cute.

To hold pens?  Absolutely.  I love this color green.

Can you have enough pretty throw pillows?

I walked around for at least an hour shopping.

And made a mental note to head over to their HUGE furniture store on my next visit to Belize City.  Perhaps stop at one of the restaurants I’ve been meaning to try.  Anyone up for a day of shopping?  Maybe find my new mattress!!!!

Mirab – I’m a fan.  Check out their facebook page – they have made it pretty convenient to browse and even shop right there.  They can just pop your stuff on the water taxi or the plane for easy delivery.

And then enter what REALLY drew my eye in the first place.

For a $50 purchase, I can enter to win an IPHONE 7 (good LAWD is my 4 year old IPhone 5 in need of retirement) or a getaway to Naia Resort and Spa.

Naia in Placencia is absolutely dreamy.

Good luck and HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!

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