My Summer Aspiration List: Slow Season Do’s in Belize, Part Two

Part One started:

…Summer in Belize.  The weather gets warmer, we start to have rain showers now and again (though mostly at night), tourism slows AND travel prices drop.  It’s also the time when people that live here generally have some time off to enjoy our island a bit more.

I ran through some of the things that I am planning/wanting to do this summer – from tacos to trips up north – so now, let me finish it off.

  • Visit my family in Rhode Island

I generally visit my family in Rhode Island in the spring – May or June so that I can make SURE that it is warm enough not to come as a COMPLETE shock.  This year, I’m targeting late June – beach weather in the tiny Ocean State but just before the summer crowds (and the summer heat) really rolls in.

  • Watch the Tiger Sharks basketball team become national Champions

Our pro basketball team in San Pedro has reached the semi-finals in first place and…sadly…I haven’t attended ONE GAME THIS SEASON!  Four teams:  Belmopan v Dangriga in 3 games – and the Belmopan Bandits won 2 in row to advance to the finals.  Cayo v San Pedro for the other spot – and we are now split 1 win a piece with the 3rd, deciding game this weekend at San Pedro High School.

I plan to be there and I have my fingers crossed that George Williams, our star player will be.  He was sidelined in the last game with a foot injury.  Everyone is praying he can play this weekend.  (Check out my interview with George)


Stay tuned to my calendar for the date and time!

  • Get re-certified to dive with Chuck & Robbie’s Dive Shop

I learned to scuba dive almost 9 years ago.  I had great teachers here in San Pedro and a fun time.  But diving left me…meh.  I found that I liked snorkeling just as much.  And only dove a few times and just stopped.

I’ve seen SO many inspiring photos and heard so many stories from first time divers that I think it’s time to re-engage.  Take a refresher course with my friends at Chuck & Robbie’s Dive Shop – I LOVE THESE GUYS – and try again.  6 million SCUBA divers worldwide can’t be wrong.

Chcuk & Robbie's Dive Shop Belize

  • Attend yoga classes – perhaps get a tiny bit better than awful

Everything about yoga seems so appealing – flexibility, meditation, serenity, relaxation, spirituality, stretchy clothes – all of it.  And we now have so many options – from the new beginners’ class I went to today on Ak’Bol’s GORGEOUS yoga dock to aerial and SUP yoga with Science and Soul Wellness.

Ak'Bol Yoga Dock Ambergris Caye Belize

From north to south on the island, there are lots of options.  No pressure, take it easy, no forced torturous pretzel bends…a few times a week.  I’m going to see how it goes.

I also hear that there is a fantastic water aerobics class daily at CocoBeach Resort at 10am.  I’ll report back on that too.

  • Buy a new mattress

Wait…mattress shopping on a bucket list?  YES!  A mattress is a big purchase – one that is both expensive AND something that you are going to spend at least 1/3 of your life on.

We need a new mattress and I need to get shopping.  I have no idea what the choices are in Belize but I’m going to find out – head to Belize City for a bit of shopping.  To Mirab’s Furniture Store and Belize Foam Limited.

A great mattress might be the highlight of my 2017.  AND I also need to get some prints framed.  But I don’t want to tell you about too many exciting things all at once 😉

  • Coconut, Corn and BBQ Festival in Corozal

Corozal is the district where I have probably spent the least amount of time.  But I want to see the Maya ruins and the seaside town and this event looks like a great opportunity…

A cornfest!?  TOTALLY intriguing.

  • Glover’s Atoll

Glover’s is one of the three atolls off the coast of Belize.  It’s a gorgeous marine reserve in the south of Belize that I’ve been dreaming of visiting.  The thing is…

It’s quite remote…and internet access very limited.  1.5 to 2 hours from Hopkins and the Sittee River, Glover’s Atoll Resort looks amazing.  And I would LOVE to take a week off to go.  I heard so many great things about it all – from the snorkeling to the over-the-water cabanas.

Look at the prices.  How fun would it be to go with a small group?

Those are my things to do this summer.  I think it’s a great time to be in Belize.

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