Lunch With Chocolate in San Pedro, Belize

My friend is visiting Belize!  It’s been a few years and yesterday, we went to two of her favorite places for lunch.  Two of my favorites.  Wild Mango’s on the beach and the Chocolate Company.

It’s been too long!  Both are located at the south end of Front Street in San Pedro town.  Right on the beach.

They make SUCH good wraps and SUCH good salad.  Amy’s Chef Salad…with chicken and cashews and fruit.  So delicious…

Mongo Burrito.

You’d think that the burrito was enough…but you NEED to try the chocolate cheesecake.

It’s the perfect size.

Pretty well stuffed we headed back north – right in the middle of THE HUGE BUTTERFLY MIGRATION.  Thousands and thousands of yellow sulphur morpho butterflies heading south.  I mean millions…

And here is what happens when you try to take a photo of this epic journey.  (Apparently north to south from Southern Canada to South America.)



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