Survey Says? My First Game Show at The Truck Stop

The Truck Stop is officially the hottest spot in San Pedro – for movies over the water, for sunset drinks and swinging, for the Sunday pig roast and corn hole tourney and for great food and ice cream.  But it’s the game show nights that I’ve been hearing the most about – The Newlywed Game…Price is Right…

Live game shows starring residents and visitors to Ambergris Caye.

Yesterday I attended my first show – THE FAMILY FEUD!  Queue the music, start clapping, get ready for the embarrassing answer from the goofy uncle AND, if you are my age, the creepy kissing host, Richard Dawson.

Last night was excellent – the Truck Stop was hopping.  4 teams from 4 of San Pedro’s most popular restaurants – Wild Mango’s (who I just blogged about yesterday), Pier 366…

Happy Jasmine and Andrew Ashcroft Elvi’s Kitchen…

and Casa Picasso went head to head.   Joe Chung hosted the event – and though he did unbutton his shirt at one point, there was no kissing.  And perhaps my favorite parts – there were some answers that were classic Belize.

For example:  What would you be most excited to find in the sea?

Survey says!  1.  Dolphin  2.  Whale/whale shark  3.  Turtle   4.  SQUARE GROUPER (a jettisoned bundle of drugs)  5.  A Mermaid

Let me just get to the rest of my pictures.

It’s time to play the Family Feud!

Ben and Adam were the tech guys.

Name a reason you would move to another country.

Survey SAYS!  Adventure, Job Relocation, On the Run from the Law, Retirement

Good times for everyone – Joe asked for quite a bit of audience participation.  In the end, Pier 366 went up against Casa Picasso and the winner was Casa Picasso!

4 tickets for the winners on the AWESOME YOLO boat trip with Island Dream Tours – plus, a big gift certificate for the Truck Stop.  Nice work team.  Especially in the speed round.

There are more game shows coming up – I am HEARING a rumor about The Amazing Race – a sort of scavenger hunt in San Pedro…

If you are visiting, keep your eyes on the Truck Stop’s event information – from movies to farmers’ markets, Poker runs to just stopping by for a waffle cone, the Truck Stop is a MUST DO while on Ambergris Caye.

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