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Heading South on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was a day chock full of errands.  If my ten years living in San Pedro has taught me anything, it’s one of our primal skills, somewhat lost in the land of Amazon Prime, Uber and Super-Targets – hunting and gathering.

My list included buying new contact lenses (a call to the store in Belize City to see if they have my size, a cash deposit made in town, another call to the store to confirm deposit, package put on Tropic Air flight, a return to town to pick up), picking up some bread, bug spray and fruit (3 stores) and a trip to the south side of the island to visit a condo that is for sale.

I am not complaining…not at all.  (Well maybe a little bit about the quickly deteriorating road that takes me home to 7 miles north.)  For the most part, I enjoy these processes – chatting around town.  Taking lots of picture.

Here are a few I took yesterday.  I’m guessing I put 25 miles on the golf cart.

Just a few pics… I am pretty much glued to the weather channel right now — in awe and fear of Hurricane Irma.  While no threat to us, this mega-storm strikes fear into every citizen of the Caribbean and Central America and in the southern US.  We are all hoping for the best possible outcome — movement away from land and weakening of this ugly storm.

A quick stop at the back of town to take a picture of the new sign at the International Water Taxi terminal.

Belize Sign in San Pedro

And then south…passing Regina’s Paleta Factory.  If you haven’t tasted her fresh fruit pops, you are CRAZY!  You can buy them all over the place – at the store at Grand Caribe (2.5 miles north), at San Pedrano Store (on Front Street, San Pedro), at La Divina Providencia (in Escalante) and at her shop here – 2 miles south of town.  Check out my post on her business – it’s awesome.  (Local Female Entrepreneur Rocks San Pedro)

Paleta Sign in San Pedro

Nothing better on a hot day.

Las Paletas by Regina, Ambergris Caye Belize

Just as the road ends – another half mile south.

Welcome sign Southern Ambergris Caye

And then the vast clearing that has been done.  The area, once mangroves, trees, vines and thick jungle, is almost unrecognizable.

Holiday Lands Clearing

There is one land owner – with 100s if not thousands of acres in the south – called Holiday Lands (here is a court ruling that details some of the land transfers).  You can read here about the controversy and why the project was shut down just recently.

Despite the clearing, this is SUCH a great neighborhood.  Just a few miles south of town, a store, a few restaurants, homes and condos…like a small beach community of its own.

The local tour shop is even super cute.

Suya Tours BelizeSuya Sign

I was visiting some home owners at a really pretty spot.  But more on that later.

I need to monitor Irma!

Sunset Beach Ambergris Caye

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