Crocs Sunset Sports Bar Set to Open Soon: Holy Moly!

Each day, we as we drive into town, we exclaim HOLY MOLY at the HUGE “palapa palace” that is now being finished less than a mile north of the bridge on Ambergris Caye.

As the final touches are being completed – varnish, kitchen equipment, doors being hung – here is a look at San Pedro’s newest sports bar – the fresh and shiny new home to 10 or more giant flat screen tvs to over 200 VERY comfortable bar seats, to a lounge area, 2 huge bars, a sunset view and more…

Sunset Crocs Sports Bar.

Or as I will be calling it – Ivan’s Cool Spot. ***

If you have visited Ambergris Caye, there is a good chance you know Ivan.  He worked for years at the uber-popular Palapa Bar.  Here he is five years ago performing some sort of bar trick

You may know him from Casa Picasso or Truck Stop.  If you don’t know him, you will want to change that because 1.  later this week, his new venture Crocs Sunset Bar opens on the lagoon side just north of town and it looks FANTASTIC and 2.  he is a great guy.  A bartender now manager that may make this your new favorite spot.

Especially if you LOVE sports.  Or nice views.  Or good sunsets.  Or seating for 215!

I stopped by in August and took TONS of pictures BUT I recently deleted them!  It’s one of the miscalculations that can happen when you take 100s of pictures each week.

Here is what remains of my August visit.

And a scary ladder that took me up to the 2nd and 3rd floors.  This building is HIGH!

Here is what it looks like over 2 months later.  All the finishes are going in…beautiful doors and tiling.  IMPRESSIVE wood work and countless HUGE TVs.

Ivan and his new domain.

The 2nd floor will be the main bar area — covered area and then a balcony with a great lounge area.

Super fun touch in the men’s room.  This may be the only time I see it.

A beautiful new kitchen going in and then this inset area for the “merch”.

And then another set of stairs up…to an area that will be used for private events and just a ton of extra seating.  There is huge circle bar up there too.

A crazy gorgeous area for big events – how fun would it be the have a Company Xmas party here and even a wedding?  Especially at sunset!  Book the space from say 7-9pm….open bar for your guests and then the party can continue downstairs…

A crazy gorgeous spot for sunsets.

The attention to detail is incredible.  Stay tuned to the facebook page for the SOFT OPENING.  It should be in the next week.

Congratulations Ivan – you deserve it!  I can’t wait to watch my first sunset from this FINISHED spot.



*** Almost every town and village in Belize has one (or more) Cool Spots.  It’s a classic name for a local bar & restaurant.

Picture below from Hopkins.

When Ivan first told me that he was opening a bar, it was the name I suggested but it got passed by.

We need a COOL SPOT in San Pedro!

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